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Transition is a website and trilogy of books about skateboarding, real life, the ‘divine unconscious’ inherent but largely unconscious in all, and the neurological condition M.E (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis).

This work is the result of my wanting to record a pivotal era in skateboarding and what it truly means to be a ‘real’ skateboarder outside of ‘the industry,’ whilst also sharing my direct experiences of developing acute M.E, and the long path of recovery I (like so many others) have dragged, crawled, stumbled, walked and rolled myself along in the face of overwhelming medical and social scepticism.

This website is dedicated to skateboarding and everyone past and present who had/has M.E due to the misrepresentation, injustice and abuse they have been subject to at all levels for so long.

I hope you enjoy viewing the material presented herein, whilst hopefully awakening to a wider awareness about exactly what is unfolding here in the UK in M.E and as a means of speaking truth, as best as I can, about a larger view of ‘reality’ itself.

Your interest is appreciated and important because:

‘What is possible for one is possible for all’ given that ‘as it is with me so it can be with you’ and ‘as it is with you so it can be with me’.

For: ‘There is no such thing as you and I, only we in actual reality; we are all a divine piece of each other’.

i The artwork surrounding the content of the ‘Transition Skateboarding Trilogy’ website is RIDE’s ‘Leave them all behind’ EP from 1992. This excellent work is chosen in honour of  RIDE kindly allowing me to use many of their ethereal song lyrics throughout the Transition trilogy, given they express a significant part of the private journey I travelled as a skateboarder throughout much of my life. ‘Leave them all behind’ begins chapter 1 of  Book 1. RIDE created and own the copyright to their material.   

Transition and the material composing this project is copyrighted. No reproduction in any form is allowed without the permission of the author.



A history of the rise of street skating and the demise of vertical ramp riding: the ordinary skateboarders’ story.