Severe social disenfranchisement at all levels, neglect and abuse; continued isolation, homelessness, social alienation due to widespread medical/public scepticism.

In the worst cases, self-harm through misunderstanding of M.E, death and suicides.

Continued unnecessary suffering due to medical/public ignorance of reality of M.E, thereby treated as if simply ‘neurotic’ as opposed to severely physically-neurologically ill.

M.E sufferers abused by the very centres created to ‘help’ them under CBT and ‘Graded Exercise’ which are consistently shown to regress and harm patients without any resolution to their continued presenting symptom profile.

Misdiagnosis and maltreatment during the most acute stages of developing M.E which causes more damage than necessary to the brain/nervous system/internal organs, thereby many long-term cases caused.

Breakdown of relationships at all levels; family, friends, work, social, health-care etc.

Increasing anger, sense of social injustice and commitment to act to change current situation prevailing in M.E. Leading to increasing aggressive intent amongst some patients who feel ignored and abused.

Deep mistrust of medical profession and social services amongst many with ME meaning they are reluctant to engage with or access any services that might help them.

Continued threat/stress of assessment by the likes of ATOS. Many ‘assessors’ have little if any real understanding of M.E or how patients are affected thereby regarding them as ‘fit’ when they are not.

Many with M.E face regular appeals against these decisions and have to go to court to present their case, involving huge amounts of unnecessary stress.  


Undermining of the integrity of the medical institution related to a sense of betrayal/abuse of M.E sufferers.

A blatant breach of medicines ‘if you can do no good do no harm’ founding oath.

Psychologists tarnishing the reputation of their own profession and calling into question the validity/consistency of the theories they hold to and promote, and the institutions and privileged positions they stand for.

Medical professionals collective collusion marginalising and disenfranchising a patient group, thereby isolating and angering those people. Creating a ‘us and them’ conflicting situation.

Psychologists misrepresentation of M.E highlighting that ‘big business’ is behind ‘conventional medicine’ and running this institution, in which ‘the dollars’ always come first. Using the media to spread falsehood about M.E.

 Personal consequences for those involved in misrepresenting M.E and attributing to patients unnecessary suffering; death threats made to Wessely, increasing anger amongst M.E patients, continued ‘slanging match’ in media.

Continued escalation of deep rift between a patient group and the medical establishment which only further escalates an already difficult relationship.

Escalation of intent to harm; individuals now allegedly showing up at Wessely ‘talks’ carrying knives with an intent to harm him.

Clear indication that the egoistic ends of ‘professionalism’ and pharmacy come before patient interest and well-being in many segments of ‘conventional’ medicine.

Expression of deep-seated intolerance in ‘conventional’ medicine; a ‘our way or the highway’ mentality whereby patient groups alleged to ‘not fit it in’ with the separate/biochemical medical perspective of Newtonian science, simply dismissed or passed into the domain of psychology.  


The current prevailing situation in M.E benefits nobody; patients and the medical profession alike. To continue along this path leads to suffering for all involved.

If we choose, we can work collectively together to change this for the benefit of all given that:

‘There is no separation; there is only we in all reality’

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