Regarding Transition and copyright.

Sometimes it’s not possible to ask or understand copyright surrounding any type of work. So, I write clearly here to express my own preference on Transition.

I created this site as a means to honour the history and act of skateboarding, to express something of deeper meaning inherent the activity and in all of us, and to open the doors on the unacceptable abuse unfolding in M.E. My singular hope in this thousand+ hours of effort is to do something of good in a world many feel has ‘gone completely to the dogs’.

The work and concept is copyrighted, whilst also a part of this process is openly sharing the material created for those interested. All I please ask is that you honour my copyright, ask my permission, explain your intended use of any material you wish to use and declare its origin. What I object to is reproduction for profit or claiming the material/concept as your own.

In doing so, you equally honour the goodwill and intent that set this work in motion, and as can easily be seen from what has and is unfolding on this planet, good will and intent are a rare commodity these days but fundamental to our relations and survival as humans on planet earth.    

Djl 2013

Transition and all the material composing this project is copyrighted. No reproduction in any form is allowed without the permission of the author.