‘I don’t know where it comes from’ i

My truth is that I have no idea where this information comes from. All I can offer as an explanation is that I sit down at the PC with no idea of what to write and then all this stuff flows out and hours have passed within the blink of an eye. It’s as if my conscious-self falls to sleep and something else takes over. Then, my conscious-self awakens again and I wonder: ‘where the heck has all this come from?’ I offer no citations outside the various song titles. I read no material whilst writing this spontaneous realisation. All I can say is that the spontaneous writing shared here is for the purpose of a broader view of ‘reality’ and perception of what constitutes ‘self’. So, I share it freely. Make of it what you will.

A process is unfolding that will equate to certain consequences for humanity; exactly what those consequences are can be seen all around us if we are willing to open our eyes to that which we are collectively creating. We have a choice; either exist in ‘divine denial’ and ‘divine unconscious amnesia’ as the current ‘collective consciousness’ is indicating and allow ourselves to support and be blindly led by multi-million dollar corporations filling their pockets behind the scenes, whilst sucking the creativity and originality of humanity completely dry by turning everything and every culture into ‘a product’ to be ‘sold and/or…

Awaken to who and what we truly are and thereby choose a different path and outcome from understanding a much larger view of life, creation and self. Of course, the most powerful form of ‘truth’ is intuitive spontaneous realisation which is actually an awakening at the level of the divine piece inherent in each and every one of us, but which remains unconscious and unrecognised for many. In this awakening we have greater conscious choice of what we collude with and create. In doing so, we begin to see that everything is interconnected and what is unfolding on this planet is, in a large measure, the consequences of our own actions and choices. So, do we blindly continue along a path serving a hidden and indifferent ‘elite’ minority that is creating a barren world or set ourselves free of such lemming behaviour and create something more life sustaining instead? We are far more than we imagine ourselves to be. The vested interest elite have an active interest in our ‘divine unconscious amnesia’; keep people asleep so they behaviour like sheep and keep filling our pockets. All the control systems are created to do exactly this, asking you to seek the ‘work’ and opinion of others, all the while ignoring your own.

Ultimately, as divine beings we decide; to be an unconscious sheep fast asleep or awaken and create something else?   

‘Come As You Are’ ii


(Super-conscious: currently collectively unconscious)

This is the piece of all of us that eternally exists and resides outside of time, space and form and simply seeks experiences through the medium of time, space and form. If you want to get as close as possible to ‘the divine’ in form, be with a new born baby and look into its eyes. It has absolutely no concept of what anything or anyone is and simply observes the all of everyone and everything within its field of awareness, without judgement or attachment. This is ‘the divine’ made manifest in form; that which we all truly are but forget ourselves to ‘play the game’ we call life.

At the super-conscious level of our collective eternal existence (a reality impossible to fully comprehend given its magnificence and our current, limited collective level of consciousness) the all of everyone and everything without end is included and recognised in its true divine nature; hence my meaning in citing ‘Come as you are’ iii. Unfortunately as part of the cosmic game of ‘let’s pretend’ ‘divine denial’ and ‘divine unconscious amnesia’ we forget this and often act in ways that are not in accordance with our highest resonation and frequency. This is clear for all too see on this planet where things like murder, rape, abuse, war, destruction, racism, sexism, dualism, segregation, ‘power over paradigm’ poverty and more are unfolding day-to-day. By sharing the divine and eternal truth, I am not suggesting that: ‘oh, we’re all divine beings so we can go around doing what the hell we like and it doesn’t matter if war, murder, rape and abuse unfold because we’re all divine and eternal, so everything is part of a bigger plan’ (a perception I have heard many alleged ‘enlightened’ individuals state).

On the contrary, by awakening to the divine aspect inherent in all, we begin to act in accordance with this truth. As part of that awakening, responsibility for our actions and their impact becomes paramount and we see that harming others is not acceptable or desirable, for we only harm ourselves given we’re all part of ‘the divine’. Indeed, the more we awaken to this truth, the more we embody that which ‘the divine’ is: the highest vibration of energy in the Universe and parallel Universes: what we would call unconditional and enduring love. Now imagine a world of fully aware divine beings acting in accordance with this truth of our oneness and highest vibration; it would radically alter everything for the better?

Always, the foremost place to begin in manifesting a higher vibration is with self. ‘The divine’ is not somewhere outside to be found and worshipped. Rather, it is within our own and collective consciousness, to be recognised and made manifest through awareness, awakening, reclaiming personal power, forgiveness and ultimately  a physical manifestation of our super-conscious vibration (that which many call ‘love’). By this I do not mean conditional love as often found day-to-day or a wishy-washy ‘hippie/chilled-out’ ideal induced through the ‘home-grown’. On the contrary, I’m referring to a vibration at the level of beingness that is simply what we call ‘love’ without condition. Some claim to be this, and yet it is indeed rare. Nevertheless, it is all of our true vibration awaiting manifestation.  Indeed, it is inevitable that we will all eventually manifest our divine, super-conscious vibration thereby radically altering the world in which we live and co-create. A reality many ‘power over paradigm’ interest groups fear.    

Let us briefly discuss here an example relevant to skateboarders of the eternal truth I have expressed of : ‘without judgment or condemnation, the divine is only unconditional love for the all of everyone without end’. Many will reasonably ask: ‘well, how the heck can that be related to things like murder, rape, abuse, war and more? Surely, punishment is deserved and justifiable in such cases?’ I too as a humble human-being have many times sat with these questions whilst chillin’ on the kerb at the end of a solitary skate session. Take Gator as an example we can identify with as skaters. How can anybody who brutally murders a young, radiant and beautiful young woman, be unconditionally loved and forgiven without judgement or condemnation? For, if I were her mother, father, husband or boyfriend, I, like many who might read these words, would want ‘justice’ and experience a sense of outrage, anger and revenge. Also, in keeping with our systems of law, we’d want the most stringent sentenced passed possible. And, these would be completely understandable at our current level of collective consciousness and perceived sense of ‘self’. On speaking on ‘the divine’ in relation to acts such as murder, I am not for one moment suggesting what Gator did was OK or easily excusable/ forgiven. We have to honour what is real for many who are affected by such things in ‘reality’.

Nevertheless, in the realm of ‘the divine’ all is unconditionally forgiven and all are unconditionally loved without end’. For, the realm of ‘the divine’ is simply a level of vibration and frequency in which divine consciousness has fully recognised itself outside of time, space and form. In the realm of ‘the divine’ there is nothing else but unconditional love and everything else imaginable, all at one and the same time, no time. At this level of vibration/eternal existence fully recognised, ALL are recognised as a divine aspect of the one consciousness behind ALL manifest existence and experience in that which we identify as ‘the universe and parallel universes’. So, upon her death, Jessica was embraced by unconditional love as the divine aspect eternally inherent in her consciousness ‘returned to source’. For, like you and I, she was a piece of ‘the divine’ made manifest in form but this divine and enduring truth remained unconscious to her. As, unfortunately it did too Gator. Had he been divinely unconsciously aware he would not have done what he did. First, he would have stepped into owning and transforming his ‘divine unconscious shadows’ and second, only seen the beauty in Jessica as a divine piece of himself made manifest in-form.

In the realm of ‘the divine’ there is nothing else but unconditional love for all without judgment or condemnation. For, there is nothing else, only our super-conscious awareness of our eternal oneness at the heart of everyone and our highest vibration of light; that which we call unconditional love. FULLY awakened, self-realised beings made manifest in form and/or eternally existing outside of time, space and form, can be nothing other than what they truly are; the highest vibration and frequency known and unknown made manifest in full divine consciousness. At this level, Gator is eternally forgiven and loved (as is Jessica and ALL of us!). This doesn’t mean murder, rape and more is acceptable or that Gator should be set free and not held accountable for what he did. On the contrary, given our current level of collective consciousness of unconsciousness to our divine nature, until we evolve to a higher frequency whereby we embody a peaceful path for all, we have to deal with such things as murder in the manner presenting through law etc.

It simply means that ultimately, the divine is unconditional love for all without end because that’s all there is in the realm of the divine. Imagine staring at the sun and being mesmerised by it’s radiance to the point that you cannot take your eyes off it. Then, after a while, you become at one with the sun whilst still identifying your separation from it. But, such is the sun’s radiance that you become one with the sun and completely forget yourself and then observe the all of everyone and everything on this earth as a part of the sun’s consciousness; eternally basking in the magnificence of its conscious radiance beyond comprehension. A metaphor for what happens when our divine, eternal and enduring consciousness ‘returns to source’. We are all divine beings currently largely collectively unconscious and in denial about this. But ‘the divine’ is ‘the divine’ no matter; we cannot completely forget ourselves forever; eventually we all wake up to full self-realisation. Even as you read these words now, you have begun on the first step of the path: awareness.   

Despite this unalterable divine truth, since the beginning of humanity we have sought to explain and describe this eternal aspect of consciousness. Indeed, for the most part that which we identify as ‘religion’ has been offered as many answers. Unfortunately, due to an inherent paradox in seeking to explain the divine, religion can never truly explain such phenomena (like all writing about this eternal piece of all of us; even what I share here).

Every explanation or doctrine we use to seek to explain ‘the divine’ (or anything else) is a conceptual projection filtered through our own limitations, coloured by many factors of our societal upbringing and personal interpretations of what constitutes ‘reality’. Moreover, intent is everything. Unfortunately, archaeology and history have shown us that religions have become saturated with the desire and needs of the human ego that create a doctrine often subtly serving some vested interest. A simple example: the idea that only ‘good people go to heaven’ and that entrance to heaven is dictated by a God who decides who is good and subservient to a particular doctrine. And yet, ‘the divine’ requires absolutely nothing from nobody because it sees creation as only a temporary experience bound in time, space and form, that ultimately has no value in the realm of ‘the divine’. As such, there is no ‘judgement’ at the level of the divine outside of time, space and form; only eternal existence for all.

So, on speaking on ‘the divine’ we have to leave all our filters/doctrines behind. It is only direct experience and spontaneous intuitive divine realisation not related, that is as close to truth about this subject as is possible. An inherent sense of knowing without need of explanation. Of course, in seeking to comprehend ‘the divine’ and share the eternal truth about all our nature, we have to use the medium of words otherwise we could not share this truth. The paradox I have already referred too: ‘the truly enlightened do not say; but to share with others we have to say something’! As such, I leave you with a piece as close to ‘the divine’ as I believe possible outside your own experience and spontaneous realisation. A ‘divine paradox of great perfection’.

‘Those who are truly enlightened do not say: those who say are not truly enlightened.

But to express the divine you have to say something; by saying something it is not truly the divine;

an eternal divine paradox of great perfection is both our burden and our blessing’.


(Currently largely collectively conscious: however, the divine unconscious and super-conscious mind exists)

Ask any psychologist to give you a full and comprehensive explanation of the mind and they will be left scratching their heads if they are truly honest and humble. For, we don’t fully understand the mind. Indeed, it is a slippery and highly subjective term and topic. Moreover, many people’s minds are so predominant due to over-activity that they believe they are ‘the mind’ in a body. Western culture reflects this well through its overly simple/dualistic/rational intellect doctrine. I simply share here spontaneous writing on ‘the mind’ for a broader but simple view of this subject.

The mind is really a term explaining the manifestation of energy, consciousness and ‘the divine’. The mind, the brain and the body are intimately related. The mind effects the brain/body and the brain/body effects the mind. This indivisible and mutually dependent interrelationship is fundamentally dependent upon the unconscious domain of energy. Indeed, it is the unconscious domain of energy that acts as the bridge between the mind, brain and body and the body, brain and mind. The mind is our conceptual tool, filter and intent which helps us to make sense of, and manifest our desires through, this world. It manifests as what we identify as thoughts/thinking, awareness, perception, decision making, intent etc (although these are equally a manifestation of ‘the divine’ and energy); see, ‘the mind’ is slippery! The mind directs and guides the body via the medium of energy and acts as our way of holding too and living out an egoistic identity as part of the divine process of  ‘let’s pretend to be the all of everything without end until we spontaneously realise we are the divine made manifest in form’. These very words are made manifest through the ability of ‘my mind’ and its relation to the brain and body through the medium of energy.

Although our minds have an important role in our lives in seeking to make sense of, interpret and guide us through our day-to-day lives, an over emphasis upon ‘mind over matter’ is dangerous given the indivisible interrelationship I have shared of the mind, brain and body, body, brain and mind. For, if the mind drives and forces the brain/body in a manner not sustainable or healthy, or if the mind itself becomes constant and over-active, ultimately the domain  of energy and eventually physicality will suffer and falter, and dis-ease will manifest as the divine/mind/energy/matter equation breaks down. Unfortunately, due to our self-created over emphasis upon ‘denial and doing’ as opposed to ‘listening and resting’ many dis-eases in the western world have been created by an over-emphasised, separate, but incomplete, understanding of ‘the mind’.

The mind has its place and purpose. Nevertheless, it is vital that the interrelationship between the mind, brain and body, body, brain and mind, be acknowledged and honoured, otherwise the mind becomes like a wild horse let loose across the plains and creates all sorts of mayhem and turbulence. Instead of a useful tool, it becomes a destructive weapon. One of the best methods for recognising, understanding and managing your own mind is moving or sitting meditation. Such martial arts as Taijiquan and Qi Gung utilise the indivisible relationship of the ‘divine/mind/energy/matter-matter/energy/mind/divine’. Some prefer sitting meditation to enter into ‘emptiness’ and thereby observe and understand ‘mind’. In doing so, we ultimately realise we are not ‘the mind’ and provide a welcome rest-bite from it’s often over-active nature.    


(Sub-conscious and largely collectively unconscious: however, divine unconscious and super-conscious use of energy exists)    

Energy is a term we have chosen to explain a phenomena we don’t really fully understand. All we do believe we understand is that everything is energy. Energy manifests as all types of phenomena and more precisely as heat, light, motion, colour, sound, ‘energy-in-motion’, function, radiation, electromagnetism, geomagnetism, resonation, vibration, life itself, and more. For most, the domain of energy is unconscious. That we have no conscious awareness of our own energy system or the many types of energy surrounding us. Partly, this is a consequence of the dynamics of energy. A vital aspect of the function of our energy system is an external shield that protects us from environmental energies (natural and artificial). When this external shield (invisible to the naked human eye) is strong and healthy it protects us from external energies. When this shield weakens, falters or disappears entirely in acute illness where ‘empty energy’ presents we become completely open to external energies that can then manifest physically in our body and interfere with our function. This is simply a manifestation of the dynamics of energy: the stronger and more powerful field/vibration exerts itself over the weaker/more subtle. All living beings create subtle, unseen, bio-electric fields that drive function, regeneration and clarity/strength of consciousness. Look at any living cells under a microscope and it is immediately observable that they are vibrating/resonating at a specific frequency. They are not dead, inert, biochemical compounds as western medicine likes us to believe. They are alive through the infusion of an unseen human bio-electric field. Consider: the human body is 65-70% water: one of the most powerful containers, conductors and transformers of energy at the level of resonation/vibration/transformation/conductivity.

The unconscious domain of energy is pivotal in our divine/mind/energy/matter-matter/energy/mind/divine equation. Energy is the fundamental bridge in this equation and when any imbalance at any level occurs, ultimately, it is the level of energy which is adversely affected, many times leading to a breakdown of our divine/mind/energy/matter complex at every level. Often ‘fatigue’ or really ‘empty energy’ is a direct manifestation of a severe imbalance or deficit in our unconscious energy system. Sadly, due to the over-emphasis upon inert biochemistry, the conventional medical establishment has largely ignored and even denied/denies the fundamental domain of energy in medical practice and sends many patients with ‘fatigue’ (empty energy) to psychologists for hours of pointless ‘chat’ which proves of no lasting value in correcting the underlying energy imbalance in the individual’s energy system.

It is by bringing energy into the domain of the conscious that we can equally use it to our benefit and well-being. The Chinese have been masters of this for millennia and continue to be so. If you to seek to utilise your own energy system for well-being always seek qualified and experienced practitioners. For, despite what some may tell you, the domain of energy is very powerful and should be treated with the utmost respect and care. What you consciously or unconsciously call forth through the ‘divine/mind/energy/matter-matter/energy/mind/divine’ equation, will manifest in some form or another.  


(Sub-conscious: a gateway to divine awakening, super-conscious really)

We identify matter as largely everything we can see, touch, feel, and relate to. Through our sensory organs we perceive that the world is composed of matter; for example ‘our bodies’. Physical objects that often appear separate to each other and hold and create a definitive place in the world/universe. This creates a perceived dualism in the world we further strengthen by seeking to ‘name and identify’ or even ‘own’ matter. In reality, matter is energy too, only in what we perceive or experience to be, a condensed form. A frequency of energy resonating at a rate our eyes can see. Many people believe we are only an ego (the ‘I’) existing within a body of matter. A simplistic, highly dualistic perception of existence of ‘mind/body’ only. As such, our ego, driven by its desires, indoctrinated and encouraged by our capitalistic socialisation, through the medium of ‘mind’ often uses the physical body for pleasure and gain, to the point of the conscious dominating the sub-conscious. This can often lead to many problems that can be seen all around us in the world currently.

Physics has proven beyond any reasonable doubt that in truth, matter is 99% empty space and it is only the phenomena of electromagnetism in atoms and the inherent charges in atoms that create a sense of solidarity we often hold to as ‘absolute reality’. If it were not for the inherent characteristics of electromagnetism and the force we call gravity, we’d all be wobbly balls of jelly morphing into everything else. Indeed, there would be no separate material objects even to speak of! Of course, and despite the hilarious delusions of many conventional scientists plugging ‘laws’ gravity itself is not an absolute. It is possible byway of understanding the domain of energy to neutralise gravity which is the art of levitation and the medium through which ancient civilisations moved stones weighing hundreds of tons into precise locations as if they were weightless. It’s simple physics for: ‘there are no laws in a universe imbued with change and transition.’ The point being that matter is eternally subject to change because energy is constantly creative through the will of ‘the divine’.

Through our ego, we identify ourselves not only through our minds but also as ‘our bodies’. This is truth and illusionary all at one and the same time. Given that matter is energy and energy is governed by mind, and the mind is a manifestation of the divine aspect of self eternally existing and residing outside of time, space and form, and seeking experience through time, space and form, life is a divine hologram driven by our divine will for material experience.

Nevertheless, we have to honour what is so at the level of matter. That in order to survive in the material world the body and the brain are governed by certain forces at certain ratios that maintain the integrity of matter. If they were not, like I’ve already expressed, we’d be floating wobbly pieces of jelly morphing into and out of everything else. Moreover, alchemy is real not illusionary and is crucial in maintaining life-forms. We eat food which (if it’s healthy food) our bodies unconsciously transform into energy which drives many of our functions physically and mentally (E=mc squared in action). This is a prime example of the inter-relationship of the ‘divine/mind/energy/matter-matter/energy/mind/divine’ complex in everyday life. Through our divine will, understanding we need to eat to stay alive (mind) which use energy (manifesting in the movement of holding and chewing food) to consume food (matter). Food (matter) is then unconsciously transformed into energy through internal digestion (internal alchemy) which then unconsciously feeds and ‘in-forms’ our body, energy, mind and spirit (divine). Currently, for the great majority of us, eating is essential to stay alive as we’ve not evolved to the point of directly utilising pure energy to sustain our being at every level. Also, whenever matter is subject to circumstances or forces that significantly or detrimentally alter its state and function, our divine/mind/energy/matter complex can breakdown and ask for our attention to be repaired or requires rest/recuperation to restore homeostasis. Or, it can cease to function and exist any longer (what we identify as death, although in reality we are ALL never born or die, only change form). Largely, our body and brain speaks to us of defects in our matter/physical environment through the medium we call ‘pain’ (the manifestation of our nervous/immune/endocrine systems as a warning signal) or ‘fatigue’ (empty/deficient energy). So, although matter is really energy, our body and brain are often subject to external forces/influences that can determine health or disease in the physical realm and require maintenance to survive and hold a definitive space in ‘time, space and form’.        

By understanding the inseparable equation of  ‘divine/mind/energy/matter-matter/energy/mind/divine’ we can see it is possible to utilise this formula to realise a broader/integrated view of what constitutes ‘reality’ and ‘self’ and to use each piece of our manifest existence for our well-being and the benefit of all, as opposed to unconsciously creating dis-ease and behaviour not in keeping with sustaining life. Exactly what we consciously or unconsciously choose is entirely up to us. In divine awakening, the material world becomes a gateway to full self-realisation, for to know itself, ‘the divine’ has created everything it is not to realise that which it truly is. Then, through understanding the divine/mind/energy/matter-matter/energy/mind/divine equation, internal alchemy can be practiced to utilise matter to produce energy to feed and expand mind to fully realise ‘the divine’. ‘The divine’ then takes full conscious control of energy which fully illuminates divine consciousness to awaken to the unseen world of energy around us and as a gateway to ‘return to source’ and intuitive spontaneous, full self-realisation of our eternal radiant existence as divine beings outside of time, space and form. Immortality is already ours but not through the delusions and limitations of our egos trapped inside a mortal physical body, both of which inevitably demise. Indeed, eventually we all have to release the grip of our attachment to material form and our ego at the moment of ‘death’ or really ‘change and transition’. It is at the level of our divine consciousness, eternally existing, residing and resonating outside of time, space and form that we are never born and never die; we eternally existed prior to our birth and will eternally exist after the body returns to earth and our egos fade away into oblivion in keeping with the conceptually created phantom they are. We have simply to fully remember and fully awaken ourselves to this divine and enduring truth through intuitive, spontaneous, full self-realisation.  

Wake up and see: ‘we are far more than we imagine ourselves to be’.

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i RIDE ‘I don’t know where it comes from’ 1994.      

ii Nirvana ‘Come as you are’ 1991.

iii ibid.