The material contained in the Transition Skateboarding Trilogy is largely written based in direct experience and intuitive spontaneous realisation, not simply a blind replication of the opinions and projects of ‘others’. Whilst this approach to writing and sharing information is beneficial at many levels, equally the limitations of experience must be openly acknowledged.

The very nature of experience is subjective individual-to-individual. So, even if we engage in and have experience of  the very same physical phenomena (skateboarding and M.E for example) our related testimony of those experiences will be subjective related to external factors such as society, culture, family structure, institutions, environment, peer group, and more, which create a conceptual filter we use to relate to and make sense of, experiences.

Moreover, we have to concede that all experiences later related are indeed ‘a story’. Of course, this simplistic term cannot be used to dismiss or overlook entirely, important lessons being learned or uncovered in related experiences or continued adverse physiological/neurological symptoms constantly presenting. Unfortunately, it is the tendency of psychology to patronisingly dismiss individual experience under ‘all story’. This is of course the manifestation of denial of the limitations and inherent flaws of psychology which are obvious to those with an ounce of intelligence. For ‘all story’ is itself another ‘story’; that everything is a story! A flawed conceptual projection psychologists have irrationally convinced themselves is applicable in the case of M.E, thereby allowing them to happily overlook and dismiss a whole library of medically recorded evidence of the presenting, chronic, physiological/neurological abnormalities in sufferers. Of course, psychologist are not medically trained and often simply believe and project the flawed ‘everything is simply a manifestation of the unconscious’.

Therefore, ‘all story’ should be seen as only a simplistic term/explanation of related human experience and not an absolute. The material related here is not suggested as an absolute. It is simply reflective of my direct experience that I have shared in the genuine hope of assisting others by way of ‘be aware’. So, if you disagree and believe otherwise, then that is quite OK.

In the case of M.E in particular, the consequences of institutionalised denial, deceit, collusion, misinformation and complete lack of information, has (and is) unnecessarily wrecking havoc on peoples lives. So, whilst I have no definitive answers to M.E, my hope is that by openly writing on and sharing information about the reality of M.E other people can be spared the unnecessary, prolonged and intensive amount of suffering many have already been subject to (even to the point of death). As I developed M.E I had nothing in terms of understanding, information or guidance to help me avoid making everything much worse (primarily, encouraged voluntary exercise in the hope of eliminating ‘the fatigue’ and neurological symptoms).

I hope the experiences presented herein assist others in a beneficial manner at some level and acts as a cautionary tale about our ‘we know it all’ intellectual arrogance currently prevailing. It’s time we realised that even ‘the laws of science and physics’ are fundamental flawed. For, it is not possible to create ‘a law’ in relation to manifest existence and the process we identify as ‘the universe’ given that everything is a process fundamentally underlined by ‘change and transition.’

This is equally applicable to such matters as M.E which has been wrongly listed as a ‘psychological condition’. For, what we hold to, understand and often so blindly repeat, is already in the process of being superceded as the ‘all of everything without end naturally returns to its inherent state of utter emptiness in which the all of everything without end eternally exists’.  

Djl 2013

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