Based in my direct experiences of developing acute M.E and the very real and unnecessary torture I was subject to (and partly put myself through) I decided that when the time was right I would openly write on and share the truth about M.E regardless of what anyone has to say about that. That I would transform suffering into ‘exposing truth about M.E’ in the hope of benefiting others. My experience has shown me that many alleged ‘health-care professionals’ (conventional and complementary alike) hold many views and opinions about M.E based in whatever theories and paradigms they hold to, but have not one ounce of experience of actually developing and living through M.E. Unfortunately,  many have been led to believe a great deal of misinformation about what M.E is and isn’t exactly, and the consequences of this institutionalised collective collusion  has been nothing short of dire for those with M.E. Indeed, it is my experience that the abuse, denigration and even deaths of sufferers has been legitimised by many in positions of power and privilege, and many claiming to be psychologists and ‘healers’.

You may ask: how could this possibly be? Please let me explain to those who even give a damn. Everything is not as it may seem. I hate to disappoint those who are comfortable in their strongly held convictions about our apparent ‘advanced society’ and ‘convention’ but the truth about what is currently unfolding in M.E is not reflective of such claims. The reality is, we currently live in a world saturated in hypocrisy, denial and deceit  at the highest levels of power and institution. We are convinced of our own egoistic importance and sureness in knowing for the benefit of an elite few seeking to maintain their own power and control over ‘the masses’. An over-emphasis upon the human ego as the basis to drive and maintain the capitalist system. And, if anything or anyone threatens those in places of power, well, watch out. This is the case with M.E and many other matters allegedly not conforming to ‘conventional views’.

The medical elite have decided upon and agreed to, for the purposes of egoistic ends, a fatally flawed and incomplete, inert, biochemical medical paradigm that is not in accordance with the reality of physics. As such, the whole domain of energy outside of simplistic biochemical transformations of inert matter at the cellular level is wholesale denied and even ridiculed as quackery. This is a delusion of grand proportions and very dangerous. In the case of M.E, a significant part of the illness profile is a complete and utter breakdown of an individual at the level of integrated function and the use, expression and regeneration of, energy. The very domain convention denies as being ‘real’ or ‘scientific’ despite the verification of energy in physics.

So, despite the fact that increasing numbers of people are developing M.E and advanced scanning methods clearly show the significant abnormalities in sufferers,  the conventional medical viewpoint on M.E remains unchanged due to an inability to accept the flaws in the inert, biochemical medical paradigm the institutions are holding to driven by multi-million dollar pharmacy industries. All those who train and work in conventional medicine collude with this view for their egoistic ends because their salaries are paid by pharmacy and govt’s who equally collude to maintain ‘the status quo’.

So, through the hidden levers of power and the collective collusion of the likes of medicine and media, a certain viewpoint is presented and expressed to ‘the public’ that whilst acknowledging M.E as being ‘real’ its true implications, causes and profile have, and are, confused as something ‘convention’ agrees with: ‘fatigue’. A simplistic and over generalised term akin to ‘the flu’ whereby conventional medicine can cop-out of the reality of M.E and instead creates something that either fits-in with flawed inert, biochemistry or pharmacy can make dollars from. Psycho-therapy, anti-depressants and symptomatic pain relief for ‘CFS’ as an example.

The ‘profession’ of psychology (the study of psyche) has and is equally responsible for creating a falsified impression of M.E under ‘fatigue’ and ‘CFS’ and ‘all in the mind’ as if they are all one and the same, for the denied purpose of individual gain. In doing so, the numbers of those presenting with and requiring treatment for  ‘fatigue syndromes’ rose dramatically and it was the domain of psychology that many GP’s refer those with M.E/CFS to wrongly believing they are of psychological origin and nothing more. In creating this situation, psychologists commanded the govt funding invested into what they consider to be M.E ‘CFS’ and thereby secure and promote the validation of their own egoistic ends (careers). Indeed, it is very interesting to note that a main proponent of colluding behind closed doors to change M.E into ‘Chronic Fatigue’ here in the UK is Professor Simon Wessely at King’s College London. An individual who openly admitted a desire to ‘get published’ and watched his own academic career grow rapidly on the back of his obviously flawed and inaccurate ‘work’ on ‘Chronic Fatigue’ which he led others to believe is the same as M.E despite overwhelming medical evidence to the contrary.

In sum, it is easy to observe that what we hold to and accept as ‘truth’ is often the view point and biased opinion of ‘the elite’ spread into our ‘minds’ by many insidious levers of propaganda utilised by the elite, seeking to maintain the status-quo regardless of the consequences of such actions, as in the case of M.E. Outside of the overly simplistic view we are taught in school and college, history teaches us that the origins of many of the practices utilised in institutions, media and propaganda today emanate from the Nazis. A regime who were masters at the use of propaganda to create a delusional view of reality to ‘control the masses’.

And these very practices are endemic today in so-called ‘modern societies’ run by institutions and media. The very idea of creating and seeking to maintain a publicly projected idealised view of those deemed as ‘representing the establishment’ or certain issues unfolding such as M.E as being managed in the ‘correct manner’ by ‘professionals’, all the while behaving in manners and engaging in practices quite to the contrary behind closed doors. A good example and parallel to Simon Wessely is Albert Speer: a man who presented himself as ‘the good Nazi’ for decades whilst historians showed conclusively that he was Hitler’s right-hand man and caused the abuse and deaths of thousands of people. Simon Wessely still claims ‘the good samaritan of CFS/ME’ whilst behind closed doors actively engages in abusive practices of ‘CBT’ and ‘Graded Exercise’ both of which regress and harm people who develop M.E. Even worse, despite holding to obviously flawed ‘research’ and theories of ‘fatigue’ and M.E as one and the same, he has convinced many that he is right and many patients with M.E are simply ‘holding to incorrect illness beliefs’ and should be denied the medical care and investigation they desperately require.

Everything is not as it seems. We are fed a simplified view of ‘the reality’ of what is unfolding in our societies based in a view point many ‘in high places’ have an active interest in us knowing and blindly repeating, even though such views are not absolute truth however. Often, absolute truth is quite different to what we are told through ‘media’. My point being: wake up, be informed and be aware from a wider view.

It is in the hope of bringing awareness to these very real and abusive practices inherent amongst many in the ‘powers that be’ that I share this spontaneous view and the material in the M.E section.

‘What is possible for one is possible for all’.

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