BK 2 ‘Skateboarding Beyond Boyhood & Brotherhood’

1991 Lozenge shape & 1992 Football slick profile

1991 New Deal Andy Howell ‘Howell World Hippies 1’

Artist: Andy Howell.

1992 Deathbox Alex Moul ‘Alex Moul Slick’

Artist: unknown.

1990 Real Tommy Guerrero ‘TG 49ers’

Artist: Jeff Klindt.

1990 Real Tommy Guerrero ‘TG 49ers’ restored ex-rider

Artist: Jeff Klindt.

1992 TV Ed Templeton ‘Perfect Female’

Artist: Ed Templeton.

1992 Real Jim Thiebaud ‘Where’s Thiebaud slick’

Artist: Kevin Ancell.

1992 Real Rob ‘Sluggo’ Boyce ‘Head-shot collage slick’

Artist: unknown.

1992 Real Tommy Guerrero ‘Native American Indian Chief slick’

Artist: Tommy Guerrero.

1992 Real Salman Agah ‘Time Keeper slick’

Artist: Jeff Klindt.

1992 New Deal John Montessi ‘Bad Dream slick’ re-issue

Artist: Andy Howell.

1992 Think Ron Bertino ‘Floral slick’

Artist: Mike Bertino.

1991 Powell Peralta Lance Conklin ‘Faces 2’

Artist: Sean Cliver.

1991 Powell Peralta Lance Mountain ‘New Job’

Artist: Lance Mountain.

1991 Powell Peralta Mike Frazier ‘Yellow Man’

Artist: Sean Cliver.

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