Given the divine, eternal and enduring truth that there is ‘only we in all reality’ if you’re viewing this website or reading these words then you’re looking at your own projection. For, I couldn’t have done any of this without all of you as there is ‘only we in all reality’. There’s no separation in reality; we are all a divine piece of each other.

Unconsciously you have projected this work and thereby called it forth otherwise you would not be reading these very words. As part of that process, a piece of you identifying as ‘me’ agreed that this work was necessary and as such, equally divinely unconsciously collectively colluded with you and manifested the experiences in-form that are the basis of the Transition Skateboarding Trilogy.

The aspect that we really all are, eternally existing and residing outside of time, space and form, seeking experience through time, space and form to express and known ourselves in all possibility, is communicating a divine, enduring and eternal truth through all of this work. That an unconscious shadow piece is presenting through the experiences related in the Transition Skateboarding Trilogy and M.E.

By shinning our light of eternal awareness on this divine unconscious aspect of who we all are and exactly what is really unfolding on planet earth and in this galaxy, a tremendous opportunity exists to heal this piece of ourselves.

The beginning is first divine projection, then to experience that which we have collectively created and understand consequences, and finally (if we choose) to manifest something new and of benefit to all out of our ‘collective karmic bonfires’ .

So, thank you to all who unconsciously assisted in this process expressed as the ‘Transition Skateboarding Trilogy’. We already hold the answers as to what we should do about all of this; indeed, even as we manifest these very words we have set that positive intent for change, transformation and transition in motion.

Here’s to our magnificent ability to unconsciously affect positive change in M.E and for all by stepping into and then shinning light upon, our ‘divine unconscious shadows’.     

Djl 2014

Transition and all the material composing this project is copyrighted. No reproduction in any form is allowed without the permission of the author.