It’s clear that many factors cause M.E. Sometimes in singularity, other-times in a collective manner. Unfortunately, given the inherently flawed and overly simplistic ‘inert, bio-chemical medical perspective’ that ‘conventional medicine’ relentlessly and intolerantly holds to, regardless of the overwhelming evidence that life and all the myriad factors that compromise this experience are subject to a much broader and enlightened view of creation, many of these factors have been dismissed by many ‘scientists’ representing the ‘establishment’. Individuals who of course are paid to do so.

Nevertheless, my direct experience has been that these factors collectively play a significant part in the manifestation of M.E and that ‘complementary’ modalities used by trained practitioners that are listed in the ‘Therapies’ section, can clear many of these underlying factors and assist in an individual making progress in regaining a better level of well-being and health (even if M.E remains).


With the advent of the Industrial Revolution (or regression depending on one’s understanding and view) over a prolonged period, human-beings became subject and exposed to, types and levels of toxicity previously not encountered. The very fundamentals of life (namely air, food and water) have themselves become saturated in toxins through ‘modern farming and industrial methods’ to the point that we are unable to avoid them. Without doubt, these toxins find their way into and become accumulated in, the human body. In particular, the brain and nervous system have an inherent ability to accumulate and hold environmental toxins abundant in our day-to-day lives simply because of the electrical potential they carry and the subtle, but decisive, electromagnetic fields they produce.   

Moreover, much of the toxic excess in our systems adversely affect and interfere with the normal functioning of vital organs, supports unhealthy pathogens due to an excessive acidosis left in the body which they thrive off which negatively impacts upon our physical, energetic, psychological and emotional balance; this equally negatively impinges on the strength and clarity of ‘the divine’ aspect inherent in one and all. By clearing toxins from our bodies, we can strengthen our bodies, vital energy and clarity, and regain a greater degree of well-being at many levels simultaneously. Although it is important to note: clearing toxins and pathogens (particularly heavy metals/viral/bacterial/fungal residues & infections) requires a lot of caution and understanding of the process involved, so a qualified practitioner’s assistance is always recommended. The following lists what I have cleared over a 10 year period through Kinesiology.

Lead, Mercury, Cadium, Nickle, Chromium, Aluminium, Candida, Mycoplasma, Liver parasites, bacterial-viral infections/particles left-over from childhood vaccinations, systemic fungal infection (estimated 40% fatality figure) and Epstein Barr Virus infection.

Physical Trauma

Many of us unknowingly accumulate a swathe of physical traumas throughout our lives (particularly during childhood and teenage years where we are more physically active). Of course, the human body has an inherent amount of tolerance for sustaining and repairing physical trauma to the point that we often believe ‘all is well’ if we are severely injured and after a period of rest, feel ok again. Moreover, when we are young our system has a greater propensity to recovery and well-being simply because we have stronger and more vibrant energy. So, often in even severe physical trauma as a youth, we can apparently recover quickly even without an medical intervention. It is only later in our lives that problems related to past physical trauma may manifest. In the case of M.E, because the brain and nervous system falter, many old injuries may surface that were previously unknowingly being compensated for which requires (and consumes) a huge amount of energy to do so. Again, by addressing our physical structure and associated energy system, we rebalance our body and free-up energy that can used day-to-day. Here I list those that affected me severely, but were unconscious until I visited an Osteopath in 2012 (I wish I’d gone earlier!).

Multiple head injuries left unattended from skateboarding as a youth; severe front facial impact from an accident in football at school and later as a teenager in a street fight severely chipping my nose; multiple ankle/shoulder injuries from bone/tendon sprains from skateboarding over many years; accumulated tension in muscles from over-training in athletics-weight training as a youth.        

Divine Unconscious & Energy

In the west in particular, we really are still in the dark ages regarding understanding energy and the human body-mind complex. The ‘establishment’ has written energy out of ‘conventional perceptions’ repetitiously indoctrinated in schools. Apparently, we’re all just walking inert-physical matter and nothing more! Of course, the conventional medical establishment is driven by large drug companies who have a financial interest in inert biochemistry and so ignore the domain of energy and its functional application. Moreover, many of our wounds are held in the unconscious energy field and our society is heavily rooted in denial, reflected in the ‘reverse/repress’ drug practices of conventional medicine.  

Of course, this flawed Newtonian view is simply nonsensical given the whole domain of physics that clearly explains that EVERYTHING is energy and the unconscious, interconnected web of energy and energy fields are decisive in life. The Chinese in particular have been masters of understanding and utilising energy for the benefit of health and longevity for millennia and the proof is in the pudding; china is one of the longest ongoing and most populated nations in the world. The great majority of the population consume daily Chinese Tonic Herbs, practice Chinese martial/healing arts and utilise Traditional Chinese Medicine and diet regimes which are all rooted in energy.

Alongside the physically of energy, there is also the divine piece of us that for most remains unconscious. The ‘divine unconscious’ exists outside of time, space and form, but seeks and manifest experiences through time, space and form. This piece present in ALL of us is largely unconscious in the ‘collective conscious’ currently prevailing. Nevertheless, it is real and very influential at the level of energy. Indeed, through its will, the ‘divine unconscious’ holds experiences which often manifest psychologically, energetically and physically. By working with our ‘divine unconscious’ we can reclaim some vigour and release old woundings.

Given the limitations of a ‘western mind set’ many may scoff at such ideas. Nevertheless, when we are faced with life/death situations we don’t give two hoots about egoistic, limited opinions and the perceptions of ‘others’; we simply do what is required. These are the aspects related to ‘divine unconscious energy’ that I have worked with and experienced benefit from.

Physical energy: Daily tonic herbal/homeopathic/vitamin supplements, Trophology (food combining), Exclusion diet to eliminate allergens. simple Yoga/Qi Gung exercise daily (although if you have acute M.E you might not be able to exercise at all; for those who have made progress, be careful and do them at night just before sleeping, giving your brain and nervous system chance to stop over-reacting before morning and use a pillow under your knees to alleviate pressure on the thigh muscles/nerve endings.) Liberal use of natural crystals personally and in and around the home (protects and clears EMF that our living environments are now saturated in).

Divine unconscious: Shamanic soul retrieval, Template Ceremonies, Cranial Sacral Therapy unconscious clearing,

Without doubt, these practices/ceremonies all increase/return energy to us. In doing so, (and even if we don’t resolve M.E) we have more strength and clarity to be able to cope with the demands of living through the sheer hell we face day-to-day. Always seek qualified practitioners and don’t dive in willy-nilly; be careful as despite what some may tell you, these practices are powerful and require great understanding and skill.

I wish those well who step onto any of these paths.   

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