‘If you can do no good, do no harm’ Hippocates

Founding oath of modern medicine that all practitioners are said to be bound by.

‘Science is allegedly based in the material, rational, observable and repeatable explanations for all phenomena, thereby separating fact from fiction.’ djl

The overwhelming scientific evidence proves that M.E is a clearly defined patho-physiological/neurological disorder caused by a clearly listed set of factors. The brain scans of people with genuine M.E repeatedly show clear physical/neurological abnormalities in sufferers that are made worse by all physical and mental activity due to physical/neurological abnormalities, NOT a psychological aversion to exercise. Moreover, the medical doctors and specialists who have and are presenting this clear evidence have 100’s of hours of experience and expertise in working in the field of M.E and observing and listening to people who develop M.E. These documents clearly explain the difference between M.E and ‘fatigue syndromes’ caused by psychological conditions. The only question is: are the medical community, psychologists and the public alike willing to view and read them and thereby change their ‘incorrect illness beliefs’ about M.E that have been insidiously and wrongly spread for decades and decades? After-all objective science is absolute truth, right?   

View and download this essential medical document here: www.international-consensus-primer-for-m.e

Heart-felt thanks to the doctors who’ve contributed to and created this important document.

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