www.sophiaandme.org.uk The truth horror of M.E for all to see. The direct consequences of misguidedly confusing M.E as simply ‘a psychological problem’ ‘Chronic Fatigue,’ ‘feeling tired’ ‘entirely imaginary,’ ‘an incorrect illness belief’ ‘mere physical symptoms psychologically induced’ ‘Mothers suffering from Mauchausen’s syndrome’ and more. Delusions dangerously misleading the medical community and public alike.

Why in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary, is this blatant abuse allowed to unfold in a so-called ‘advanced society’? What does this really tell us about the collusion of the institutions currently prevailing? How can it be lawful to section proven physically/neurologically ill people who pose no harm to themselves or anyone else and simply require appropriate medical care? And thereafter, to completely absolve those responsible of any accountability for their part in what unfolded? Imagine if this were your child, a loved one or even, you.

www.hfme.org  Jodi Bassett’s website about M.E. Makes the subject as clear as day; no bullshit psychobable of ‘feeling tired’ ‘entirely imaginary’ ‘Chronic Fatigue’ ‘a simple case of requiring a change in psychological perception to exercise’ ‘just a story of suffering’ here. A place to find truthful information about M.E, straight-up.

www.gracecharityforme.org Clearly presented information about M.E and its patho-physiological-neurological basis. Includes the brain scans of an M.E sufferer before and after exercise, showing marked and detrimental changes in blood flow to the brain before and after physical exertion. See: ‘What is M.E’ page. How can such clear evidence be insanely refuted by psychologists and other so-called ‘conventional medical health-care professionals’ forcing people with M.E to ‘exercise to get better’ whilst observing with their own eyes that they rapidly and detrimentally deteriorate?     

www.voicesfromtheshadowsfilm.co.uk Simply watch this short film and be awoken to the true reality of M.E. Surely, in a truly ‘advanced society’ such things cannot be allowed to happened and continue. Young girls/women/men with M.E being clearly abused by alleged ‘Health Care professionals’. Clearly, change in the categorizing, diagnosis and treatment of M.E is desperately required, with immediate effect. This website also presents overwhelming medical evidence that M.E is often virally induced, and a severe physiological/neurological disorder, worsened/deteriorated by all forced & voluntary exercise, and that the intervention of psychologists and their ‘Chronic Fatigue’ label and associated ‘treatment’ programmes here in the UK, have (and continue) to be nothing but dangerous, misleading and very harmful to people with M.E. The truly intelligent gawp at such stupidity and blatant institutionalised cruelty.

www.meresearch.org.uk/ Excellent website dedicated to M.E. Offers a comprehensive and clear analysis of M.E as the patho-physiological-neurological condition it really is and openly calls into question the clearly flawed, abusive, misrepresentative and manipulative ‘work’ of Psychiatrist Simon Wessely. See: Simon Wessely letter. An individual who has clearly (and on his own admission) furthered his own career aspirations and desire to ‘get published’ by instigating the changes here in the UK regarding ‘Chronic Fatigue’ and M.E. And if acutely ill people suffer the consequences and then speak-out, he denies all responsibility and claims harassment. Why has the Queen given this individual a Knighthood recently in the face of overwhelming evidence his 20 years ‘work’ at denigrating and misrepresenting M.E here in the UK, is harming patients? What message does this collective collusion really tell us?

www.freespacevirgin.net Excellent article written by a health psychologist strongly exposing the obviously flawed assertion that the ‘1955 Royal Free outbreak’ of M.E was simply ‘mass hysteria’ or ‘female neurosis’. The truly intelligent gawp at the stupidity of such bullshit and nonsensical ideas by psychologists McEvedy and Beard. Why hasn’t this report been taken up by the medical establishment given it’s been available since 1987 and intelligently argues that the presenting evidence shows this outbreak of M.E was a virally induced, physiological/neurological phenomena, affecting patients and staff alike, NOT ‘mass hysteria caused by neurotic female responses’? Its acceptable to make a mistake; unacceptable to keeping lying and denying about that mistake when innocent people unnecessarily suffer and even die.

www.25megroup.org/  Recommended website dedicated to acute M.E. Clearly explains exactly what M.E is and offers a variety of online support.

www.dailymail.co.uk/debate/article Probably the best article on the reality of M.E presented in the media in years (excluding using the term ‘Chronic Fatigue’). Why have the institutions who are meant to be there to provide the support acutely physically ill people need to stay alive colluded in such a disgraceful manner for so long? Why has the true evidence about the physiological-neurological reality of M.E been locked away and subject to secrecy for years far beyond what is normally allowed? There is something deeply concerning about all of this. Moreover, when are we going to wake up and see that the BS in the media we accept as ‘truth’ is mostly BS.

www.stopsmartmeters.org.uk/ We’ve completely saturated our natural and living environments in high levels of radiation and electromagnetic fields (EMF) never before experienced on the planet in only a short 20 years or so. The great majority of people are in complete unawareness about exactly how these technologies operate and their effects; convinced by ‘big business’ they are ‘completely safe and for our benefit’. Many are in deep denial about this and continue on in an oblivious manner. Indeed, I have met many alleged ‘energy practitioners’ who themselves are completely clueless about EMF and use these technologies obliviously and yet claim to ‘understand energy’. Hmmmmm.

The earth’s electromagnetic/geomagnetic (whatever we wish to name it) field is proven to play a pivotal role in the development of all life-forms on earth and has been key in all major natural shifts/changes on this planet at every level. The scientific evidence has been uncovered in the polar icecaps. Anyone who really understands EMF knows we are messing everything up by carelessly using mobile/wireless devices in complete ignorance of their effects. Indeed, because of our collective ‘unconsciousness of energy’ most people have no idea of exactly how the devices they ‘play with’ even work.

A prime indicator of the effects of EMF now saturating the planet is weather cycles and the natural environment, which are detrimentally changing with rapid pace and in direct relation to what we are creating in the electromagnetic field.

Of course, Govt’s and ‘industry’ tell you wireless and mobile devices are completely safe and are not dangerous, whilst happily overlooking 1000’s of studies that show otherwise by the military and scientists who really understand EMF. And why deny? Because MILLIONS of $’s are being made from the lavish use of mobile phones and wireless technology. The key point is: long-term and constant exposure to the fields; it is now impossible to avoid them and they unconsciously permeate everything and everyone 24/7.  The young, old, sick and weak are particularly vulnerable.

Are we going to wake up and get out of denial? You have the choice if you educate yourself. Of course, we can also carry on as we are and experience the consequences of that as well. It’s interesting to note: in the last 10 years the highest rise in serious cancers are related to the brain; the very organ most affected by mobile phone use because the brain is significantly heated during use (irradiated). The Govt’s ‘SMART’ (or really STUPID) meter programme will further dramatically increase levels of radiation environmentally and at home as never before, exacerbating the already horrendous situation. Do we want to live with an active mobile phone mast in our house 24/7 and have our neighbourhoods drowned in the radiation?

So, what do we choose? To blindly follow like ignorant lemmings or to wake-up, see the scam and choose otherwise?

RAD: ‘Read & Decide’.    

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‘That which has happened is a warning; to forget it is guilt. It must be continually remembered; it was possible for this to happen and it remains possible for it to happen again, at any minute. Only in knowledge can it be prevented.’ Karl Jaspers.

‘Unconsciously,  the energy of exposure is currently pervading one and all. By shinning this light upon you, an opportunity exists to see things as they truly are, instead of the way ‘authorities’ have for so long, told you they are.’ djl