‘A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on.’ Winston S.Chruchill.

Despite the above WHO definition of M.E based on an overwhelming library of medical literature and physiological evidence, truthfully recorded on clinical observations and research programmes by trained medical doctors, for decades under the delusional and denial laden ‘Chronic Fatigue’ ‘feeling tired’ sceptical projections and mythology of certain psychologists, thousands of previously healthy and active people who develop M.E often after severe viral/bacterial infections, vaccinations/toxic chemical poisoning and severe physical trauma/injuries, have (and still are) denied the neurological/physical reality of the condition; left bed and housebound for years, decades and lifetimes in isolation in a shocking state without care outside minimal family/relative support; are denied the medical care, recognition, treatment and investigation they desperately require; are told they simply have a ‘psychological problem’; are accused of ‘making themselves ill to get out of doing things’; regarded as if they are simply neurotic.  

Are sent to so-called ‘specialist Chronic Fatigue/M.E clinics’ run by ignorant psychologists trained in clearly flawed and abusive ‘psycho-social models explaining Chronic Fatigue,’ who understand nothing about the underlying patho-physiological/neurological portrait of M.E, and simply make patient symptoms worse and even severely regress patients under the ‘mind-over-matter’ moniker; or try to convince sufferers they simply have an ‘incorrect illness belief’ about M.E that it is ‘entirely reversible through Cognitive Behavioural Therapy’ and forced ‘Graded Exercise’ to ‘correct the patients incorrect behaviour and illness belief’ whilst observing with their own eyes a rapid regression in the M.E patient to a worse level than when they enter ‘care’.

The application of inherently flawed psychological reasoning in the case of  M.E, is simply abusive and harmful. People who develop M.E regress rapidly and are made significantly worse by exercise because they are acutely physically/neurologically ill. A core symptom of which is a marked and detrimental change in the integrated function of the brain, nervous, endocrine, immune, energy and internal organs systems that no longer respond in a healthy manner to any demands placed upon them because they are damaged. Imagine trying to drive a motorcar down a motorway with a damaged engine and then when it runs erratically, applying psychology to try and ‘fix it’ or getting out of the car and verbally encouraging the engine to ‘just push through the pain’! But when the engine further deteriorates, claiming: ‘well, the engine didn’t want to get better and run properly and is therefore responsible for breaking down’; duh!

This overwhelming wall of scepticism and denial M.E patients face at hands of psychologists running the very centres that are meant to help them, has led to patients regressing to a worse state than when they enter the centres, a marked sense of alienation and isolation, associated reactive depression, suicides and more. But still, the medical community in the UK who are bound by the ‘If you can do no good do no harm’ oath, does nothing to change the current situation, continues on in denial and clings to an obviously flawed and inaccurate portrait of M.E under ‘fatigue’ and ‘a psychological condition’.

Don’t make the mistake of believing this is simply ‘a sob story’ ‘people playing the victim’ as some would have many believe. People who develop M.E don’t want pity or to be victims. They simply want to get better and be heard and no longer be subject to an overwhelming wall of medical and social scepticism that amounts to abuse. People with M.E are unnecessarily suffering and even dying because of neglect and ignorance. This institutionalised abuse is very real and unnecessary.

Most importantly: ‘What is possible for one is possible for all’ given that: ‘As it is with me so it can be with you’.

I bring you this information as a means of speaking truth about M.E for the benefit of those who are willing to listen, and so you have the opportunity to at least make an informed choice about what you choose to believe instead of blindly replicating the abundant swathe of misinformation that’s been spread through the media for so long by psychologists maintaining their own careers and securing millions of Govt funding, but without assisting people with M.E in a beneficial manner.

Who knows, and like me, you might unexpectedly even need this information one day.

(i) World Health Organisation 1969.

(ii) Grace Charity for M.E

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1969 World Health Organisation (WHO) definition of M.E

ME/CFS is an acquired organic, pathophysiological, multi-systemic illness [significantly further worsened and detrimentally deteriorated by all forced and voluntary, physical and mental activity] that occurs in both sporadic and epidemic forms. Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ICD 10 G93.3), which includes CFS, is classified as a neurological disease in the World Health Organization's International Classification of Diseases (ICD). Chronic fatigue must not be confused with ME/CFS because the "fatigue" of ME/CFS represents pathophysiological exhaustion and is only one of many symptoms. Compelling research evidence of physiological and biochemical abnormalities identifies ME/CFS as a distinct, biological clinical disorder. (i)

My (muscles) algic (pain) encephalo (brain) myel (spinal chord) itis (inflamation) (ii)