An apprentice seeking the answers to the deeper mysteries of life asked a Qi Gung Master:

‘What is enlightenment exactly?’

To which the master replied: ‘Returning one’s consciousness to that of a new born child’.

Rather shocked and bemused, the apprenticed snapped: ‘And exactly how am I meant to do that!’

And the master, with a gleam in his eyes, simply stated:

‘You can begin by owning, and then letting go of, your resistance’.

Djl 2014

If you choose to read the material on the Transition Skateboarding Trilogy website, given the subject matter of pages like ‘divine/mind/energy/matter’ ‘divine unconscious inherent in one and all’ etc, you may well (or may not) experience a particular reaction to the writing.

Depending on the level and nature of  your divine consciousness, buried deep within your unconscious, and the type and strength of the many filters you may have been indoctrinated with (and even unconsciously created to view the world through) our first conscious and unconscious instinct to viewing such material is, resistance.

This may manifest in some of the following ways:

Scepticism about what you are reading. Your mind might say: ‘Yeah right, as if that’s true or possible’.

Ridicule of the material in some form or another, such as: ‘Unless these things can be ‘scientifically proven’ they’re just speculation and not real’. Or you might chuckle to yourself or even laugh-out-loud.  

Denial. This may manifest as anger through your mind suggesting: ‘What a load of rambling nonsense and bullshit!’. Or you might believe that: ‘all this stuff has been disproved by ‘science’; nobody believes in this sort of stuff anymore. You might very well dismiss the writing completely and never even read it.

Fear. Your mind may tell you: ‘This is delusional and dangerous material that should be avoided I like my mind exactly the way it is’. Or, you might even believe that people who write such things are ‘crazy’ or ‘insane’ or ‘a load of quacks’ ‘witches and wizards who need to get in reality’.

Openness. You may even think: ‘Hmmm, this is quite interesting but I’m not sure how it relates to me though; I’m quite happy with my life.’

The type, intensity and variety of reaction from individual-to-individual is beyond a simple explanation. Reactions are as varied as people.

Nevertheless, and no matter exactly what reaction you experience, they’re all manifestations of resistance in some form or another. Resistance is created by the nature of the human ego. The ego’s primal desire is survival at all costs. In order to feel a sense of safety in a world of ‘change and transition’ the ego identifies with and holds to, theories that it’s been socially indoctrinated with or you might have heard and been exposed to many times over in your life. This is often to the point where we even convince ourselves that what we believe is ‘absolute truth’ ‘scientifically validated’ or ‘real’. Thus, our ego driven by it’s need for survival, often fastidiously holds to a limited conceptual view of what constitutes ‘reality’ and resists material that might contradict what we believe. Moreover, the ego has purpose in keeping things the way they are. For, awakening to our true divine selves and nature leads to the subduing and ultimate demise of our ego. A reality our ego is absolutely terrified of given it’s primal need for survival at all costs.

Resistance is really our first step into a wider understanding of the larger mysterious of life, a path that will always challenge us at every level to throw away all the old dogma and have the courage to speak our own truth for all the world to see.

The ‘reality’ is that for the most part, we’re in-form-ed and indoctrinated with views and beliefs that serve a hidden and indifferent elite that are thriving on and maintaining their power base under the highly questionable term of ‘science’. Because this truth is largely unconscious we don’t realise the power it holds over us. That is until we stumble across material that questions what we might regard as ‘absolute truth’.

Of course, everyone also has freewill at the level of the divine aspect inherent in all and it is that freewill that is honoured here at the ‘Transition Skateboarding Trilogy’. To realise absolute truth we have to leave all our conceptual filters behind anyway and simply fully awaken at the level of the divine piece inherent in all.

So, if you are able to sit with your resistance you are equally free to make your own mind up about what is being freely shared with you here. Thank you for your time in viewing this website and the presented material.

Transition and all the material composing this project is copyrighted. No reproduction in any form is allowed without the permission of the author.