Beware the bearers of false gifts and their broken promises

Much pain but still time.

There is good out there.

We oppose deceivers.

Conduit closing.

Binary code of the grey Aliens

Deciphered from authentically created via radiation, crop circle in Hampshire UK 2002.



Extra Terrestrials

WE ARE NOT ALONE. At conservative estimates, the known (not unknown or parallel universes) universe contains 140 million galaxies outside of the one we currently reside within. Hence, the ‘conventional’ or rather ‘rammed down the publics throats’ view that planet earth is the only planet with intelligent life in the universe is LUDICROUS nonsense and even, delusional. Extra-terrestrials are here with us and have been for millennia. We are simply not advanced or intelligent enough to communicate with them currently. For, they are operating and travelling utilising frequencies were do not currently understand or utilise.

The existence of E.T presents a very real and great threat to those identifying as and colluding with ‘authorities’ here on planet earth. For, if E.Ts decided, they could easily disable our weapon systems and invade planet earth. The question of course is; do they want to and if so, why haven’t they done so already?

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