The recent biomedical research of Dr Robert Naviaux in San Diego has found 20 abnormal metabolic processes in people with M.E. In short,  Dr Naviaux’s research shows clearly that people with genuine M.E have distinct differences in their metabolic processes to normal, healthy people. Primarily, that in reaction to viral infection, the body goes into a type of hibernation mode to limit the spread and effects of virus. This pattern then persists after the virus in people with M.E and has a detrimental and severe knock-on effect on the metabolic processes in their systems.

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The overwhelming biochemical, neurological, physiological evidence that M.E is real and not ‘just a story’ or ‘a psychological problem’ is out for all too see.

Why aren’t the Govt, medical establishment, psychologists and mass media making the required changes here in the UK and speaking truth openly about M.E? How can it be lawful to continue on in an environment of ignorance and scepticism, pursuing clearly flawed and abusive medical practices in regards to M.E whilst the true medical evidence clearly states otherwise?  

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