‘Many proclaim to have ‘answers’ to life mysteries., trials and tribulations.

And yet often, when we dig a bit deeper beyond the superficial surface of those making such claims, what we often see are in-fact vested interests of personal gain, power and privilege.

When in reality what many people seeking ‘answers’ really desire, is honest explanations.’

Djl 2018

I realise all too well that it so very easy to write things down and then project idealistic notions into the world and then egotistically believe we ‘have the answers’! In-fact what we really have when writing or proclaiming to understand life’s deeper mysteries or holding answers to the many problems and difficulties faced day-to-day by so many people on this planet are reference points to a deeper understanding to begin to shift our level of consciousness. And this, is by no means a ‘quick and easy task’.

So here, I explain further my meaning of the simple, very challenging but transformitive power of ‘awareness, awakening, reclaiming personal power and forgiveness.’


Awareness is a conscious process of awakening. This is really our very first step on the path to full divine awakening. It is, as conscious beings in the material world, the beginning of shifting our perceived level of consciousness to a more evolved state. A glaring example is if you’ve read or are now reading Transition. You have taken the first step! For, you may hold all manner of beliefs about the world, yourself and existence but may never have considered what is presented in Transition. THAT WE ARE THE DIVINE ETERNAL AND IMMORTAL MADE MANIFEST IN FORM SEEKING TO REMEMBER AND FULLY RECOGNISE/MANIFEST THIS HERE AND NOW. As such, your conscious-self and intellect may react in a whole manner of unpredictable ways as I have already explained in ‘Resistance’. Your reaction simply cannot be accounted for as everyone’s is different.

What can be accounted for is that by reading such material as Transition and engaging in Awareness, an opportunity has presented to the divine aspect inherent but largely unconscious in all on this planet at this time; an opportunity to begin on the often long and demanding path of divine awakening. See, the first step in divine awakening is often the most simple and fundamental. That your conscious-self may read material as presented here and begin to maybe question all that it has been told throughout your life; all that it has assumed; all that it has projected; all that it regards as ‘real’. By bringing awareness of a larger truth about life and who and what we all really are, the conscious-self has an opportunity to begin to adjust to a more evolved perspective and as such, instigate maybe a change on how we approach, engage with, and behave in day-to-day life. Awareness is simply the first step on a path of  divine awakening; it is the port from which we might hence sail into open waters all the while never sure exactly where we might be sailing! And yet, awareness is absolutely fundamental to our collective revolution of divine consciousness; if the conscious-self ‘get’s it’ you/we can be sure that the divine aspect inherent in all, will ‘jump for joy’ as it knows full well that divine enlightenment then shimmers on the horizon! Of course, we have to be ready for this huge shift otherwise we will ridicule or reject writings such as Transition that constitute awareness, and in doing so, carry along our merry way in divine unconscious amnesia. Within awareness is a golden opportunity and yet it is an opportunity equally lace with danger as many claim to ‘have all the answers’ and will happily take your money for providing them; so tread cautiously! This is why I offer the material here freely; as an expression of what we might call ‘divine unconditional love’.

In awareness, do not for one moment believe ‘we are enlightened’ or ‘awake’; for it is simply akin to the steps a baby may take in learning to walk. In awareness, remain humble and begin to temper the excesses of one’s ego. A head full of know-ledge is simply a brain regurgitating conceptual programs; it is not divine awakening or walking on this planet as an awakened one.


If we react to awareness in accordance with the desire of the divine aspect inherent in all, and are inspired into reading more about such possibilities and the amazing gifts on offer, then as we read further and even make changes in our lives to reflect the fact we are the divine made manifest inform (this may be such simple things as improved diet, letting go of old personal conflicts, being aware of the world around us and the suffering we might have chosen to ignore whilst pursuing our egotistical ends, etc etc) if we are ready, then we might start to experience divine awakenings. Divine awakenings are intuitive, spontaneous, self-realisations that explode in your mind without warning instantaneously and at any moment. This is the divine unconscious mind coming forth and speaking out aloud. Such divine revelations can be amazing, un-nerving, exciting, shocking, confusing, challenging, beautiful and even, dangerous. Much of the writing in Transition is a concrete example of spontaneous, divine awakening. Even though this writing is here, I have nothing to reference from; I’m not reading any written material to ‘copy’; this awakening just ‘flows out’ spontaneously through my awareness and pesters me to the point why I feel inclined to share it Awakening is really the divine unconscious aspect inherent in all coming forth and speaking out aloud to be heard. Yet, because our conscious-selves have become so predominant, the divine unconscious lets us know of our greater truth by ‘hitting’ us with something juicy so we get a short, sharp, shock! These awakenings can be so profound and powerful, that we might be brought to a complete stop or standstill and for a moment everything around us and time itself stand still; this is what some may called ‘spontaneously manifesting absolute divine bliss in the conscious material world’. As such, we get a brief and spontaneous insight into what it is like to be a walking awakened one here and now. For, in moments of divine spontaneous insights, our consciousness returns to the same state as when we were ‘born’; open, free, without judgement, rational thoughts, scepticism or bias. Many times when I engaged in solitary, sun drenched skate sessions, this happen to and was created by ‘me’. I be hitting lines of flip-tricks and then from nowhere I would enter a state of mind of emptiness and spontaneous realisations about life and existence would flow through my awareness. Often-times these were so powerful I would be brought to a complete stop and standstill or feel so move and awe struck that I’d sit on the curb in complete shock. Because I’d been reading about ‘the divine’ and listening to/energetically working with Shamans, ‘Healers’, etc (awareness/reclaiming personal power) and continued on doing so, I unknowingly made a statement to the universe that ‘Ok, I’m ready, let’s have some if you think you’re hard enough; I’m not scared; I’m ready’! And boy, (and too my shock) did I get some!

Of course, within intuitive, spontaneous, self-realisation of the divine inherent in all, we are radically altered in our conscious perception forever. What I have already shared; ‘those who know do not say’. I don’t need to read material about the divine, enlightenment, healing etc anymore, because through awakening, my conscious perception of the world has radically shifted forever. What I claim in Transition is an absolute truth without need for justification. It simply is so and a knowing I carry with me everywhere. I don’t need to convince anyone else for I understand all too well the big game we’re all playing here. Of course, ‘it makes all the difference and no difference at one and the same time no time’! After awakening (the intuitive knowing without need of explanation or justification) that we are ALL the divine eternal made manifest in form, life’s challenges may still remain; the crazy stuff going on here on planet earth may continue on; we may still have to look at our wounds and the areas of our life where we’re not manifesting our full potential; and this is where ‘reclaiming personal power’ begins.


Reclaiming personal power is where our work in manifesting the divine in full consciousness in material form begins. MAKE NO MISTAKE; THIS CAN BE VERY CHALLENGING AND HARD WORK. As there are a million ways and methods to reclaim personal power and I do not dare to speak on behalf of anyone else, I can only relate my own experience. I WILL NOT HOLD ANYONE ELSE’S POWER; FOR REST ASSURED, THERE ARE MANY WHO WILL AND ARE DOING SO. So many of us are unknowingly wounded at many levels simultaneously, creating our ‘needs’ dependency, divine denial, resistance, anger, dysfunction, disaffection, conflict, separation and more. Indeed, many of us do not even realise we are wounded because so much is unconscious. Equally, it is the very nature of the conscious-self to seek pleasure and avoid pain and because unconscious wounding's often call for our attention via pain, we happily ignore, deny, channel or suppress them; until we cannot ignore, deny, channel or suppress them any longer. When this time arrives in our lives we often ‘breakdown’ or ‘everything falls apart’. This is the divine aspect inherent in all saying; ‘ please, your attention is required here right now; you must look at the wounds you are carrying’. And often, it is this moment we step into what many might call ‘healing’. This can take many forms; Yoga, Shamanism, Kinesiology, Acupuncture, TCM, Meditation, Qi Gung, Taiqiiquan, Reki, massage, herbalism, psychotherapy, hypnotherapy and many many more. Whatever methods we may choose or may present, they are all really about reclaiming personal power. For, as we reclaim personal power and deal with our wounding's, we become more balanced, less reactionary, less willing to blame all our ills on the world and people around us, or engage in violence and conflict as a release or channel, and in doing so, we become human and are able to positively contribute to the world whilst only consuming that which we might require to survive and attain pleasure. And, if we choose, we too can step into the demanding role of assisting others on a path of divine awakening in everyday life.

Reclaiming personal power may takes months or many years depending upon the depth and severity of our wounds. It can be and often is, a long, hard and VERY challenging road that may ask many, many things of us without any guarantee of success or material gain. And yet, what we reclaim in terms of personal power and divine insights is often worth more than many millions of pounds. For, true personal power cannot be bought or sold; divine insights become concrete awakenings that remain with us forever as they alter our consciousness towards full divine enlightenment (unconditional love made manifest in material form). That we intuitively sense that we are in the process of becoming the divine made fully manifest in form without fear of harm, death or loss. That we can walk in the material world free of the old emotional baggage that for so long has bound humans as a race and created much of the conflict here on planet earth; freedom from fear. In this divine freedom we can no longer be ‘controlled’ manipulated, abused or denigrated. For, fully divine awakened ones made manifest in form have no fear of death; they have realised it is not ‘the end’; only a a change of material state.

The rewards and supreme power inherent in ‘reclaiming personal power’ are great indeed, but it is with caution and as an act of divine unconditional love that we then wield such personal power in the world, for ‘that which can be given can equally be taken away’ (as many who have abused personal power have experience) and we are witnessing on this planet right here and now. Hold reclaimed personal power with authenticity and integrity without seeking material ends, NOT for personal profit, power, control and gain. For, the final authority in reclaiming personal power is in-fact a place of forgiveness.


This is perhaps the hardest and highest level on the path of divine awakening. For, how can we forgive people or institutions who may have caused us harm, injustice, abuse and suffering? How can we forgive someone who may be beating us over the head with a bat? How can we forgive those who may have harmed our loved ones, taken our possessions and manipulate and abused us? How can we forgive murderers, rapists, thieves, and more? And to all those who quite rightly ask these questions; I hear you!

So, to be clear, forgiveness does NOT mean that if someone is engaging in violence towards us, is being abusive at any level, or engaging in ‘power over’ ‘manipulation’ and more, we drop into a lotus position, chanting hummm and say ‘oh, I forgive you’. NO; that is NOT forgiveness. On the contrary, those who might use physical violence to harm others should be STOPPED and held account for their behaviour. Indeed, we might have to use force to stop force for the greater good and use the system of law to detain dangerous individuals and to hold criminals/murderers to full account for their unacceptable behaviour. And this in itself is a form of forgiveness; for to allow an abuser to carry on abusing is not acceptable at any level.

What forgiveness really means is that we honour our true feelings about difficult events and then release ourselves from acts of ‘revenge’ after events have unfolded and passed (even if we still feel like doing so). For if we do step into the role of the abuser and perpetrator, we then continue on what will become an endless cycle of violence and revenge. We only need to look at history to see this; the current ‘west vs middle east’  ‘terrorists/religious extremes’ tracks back in many ways to the crusades.

In true forgiveness we come to terms with the events that have unfolded and then release and let go of the destructive intent that may arise from conflict. This is not easy to do of course and requires great integrity on the part of any individual. This is why ‘reclaiming personal power’ is fundamental in stepping into the divine act of forgiveness; forgiveness not only for ‘others’ but more importantly, for ourselves.  And this is a manifestation of true ‘divine unconditional love’. The most challenging and difficult thing we may ever face and be required to step into.

And you thought all this stuff was ‘a load of hippy nonsense’; well, think again!

To those threading the path of divine awakening; I wish you well.

 Transition and all the material composing this project is copyrighted. No reproduction in any form is allowed without the permission of the author.