As part of promoting positive change in M.E we all have an opportunity here to embody and instigate action in a constructive manner.

If after reading any of the material on the Transition Skateboarding Trilogy website you agree that abusing acutely physically-neurologically ill people is unacceptable, then please sign the enclosed petition.

The purpose of which is to petition to have M.E reinstated and classified as the neurological condition it truly is as listed by the World Health Organisation in 1969 and for M.E and ‘Chronic Fatigue’ as part of psychological conditions to be classified as they once were before the late 1980’s.

Thank you for your time in viewing this material and if you choose, for assisting in making positive changes in M.E and the people who suffer from this awful illness.

‘There is only we in all reality you see’.

This page is still under construction, please check back later..