The Porsche 928 is one of the greatest super cars ever made. Engineering excellence, superior build quality, timeless styling and practically, all combine to make the 928 one of the most useable super cars Porsche designed and produced.

Apparently the car you drive is reflective of your own personality. It’s been said of the Porsche 928 many times by those in the know in mechanical engineering that ‘It’s a proper man’s car’.

Here’s my own daily driver 928 S4.

Vital stat’s: 5Ltr 32Valve V8 producing 320bhp 317lbft torque at 3000rpm.

0-60 5.6 sec’s (manual) 6.3 (auto) top speed 167mph

50/50 weight distribution via front mounted V8 and rear mounted gearbox/transaxle.

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