Given what I’ve openly shared about M.E and my experiences over the last 10 years and the state of my ‘life’ now, and the undoubted part those in ‘high places’ have played in what has unfolded in M.E, what I’m about to share may seem bizarre and even idealistic to some. I’m not in denial about the anger and injustice I feel about what has and is happening in M.E; the very reason why I’ve openly declared and shared those feelings in this work/website. Nevertheless, from a wider understanding of existence, I believe its the only way forward and to heal our wounds presenting through M.E. That said, I accept these are only my views and not everyone will agree of course and we can even choose to carry on as we are regarding M.E, and experience the consequences of that; but do we really want to?

The saddest part of the whole saga of M.E and the complete mess that has been made of the whole subject is that there are no winners at any level. For, the abuser and the abused are one and inevitably suffer the same fate as ‘there is no separation in reality’. Indeed, ‘that which you project onto another is already set in motion to reflect and impact back upon you’. And this divine and enduring truth is already unfolding in M.E.

Simon Wessely has (if we are to believe) received death threats; claims that individuals turn up to his ‘talks’ carrying knives with an intent to harm him; states he feels safer in Afghanistan than the UK. This is hardly any wonder given what he has so misguidedly instigated in the claim of ‘seeking to help M.E sufferers’ all the while spreading misinformation about those people and establishing practices that severely regress them.

Nevertheless, it’s clear that whilst honouring the anger and mistrust now inherent in many who have M.E given what they face, the only way forward is to act from several places collectively.

First that ‘enough is enough’. Based on the now overwhelming medical evidence that M.E is an acute and chronic, physiological-neurological disorder, not ‘all in the mind,’ the medical establishment has to honour this and change track and speak truth about M.E given their claim to be ‘scientific,’ which apparently seeks truth through irrefutable evidence, thereby seeking to avoid anymore unnecessary abuse and deaths.

Second, Simon Wessely and those involved in the Wessely School of Psychology at King’s College London, need to admit their mistake and publicly apologies. Admit that M.E and ‘fatigue’ related to depression etc are not one and the same at all and that ‘CBT’ and ‘Graded Exercise’ are of  no value in M.E and even harm patients. In doing so, a huge step could be taken forwards in relations between patients with M.E and the medical establishment and avoid further escalation of an already intensifying situation.

Finally, those of us with M.E perhaps have the biggest challenge. Despite the dire situation many affected with this illness face, we should continue on constructively speaking out about the unnecessary abuse many are subject too. At every opportunity we must record evidence of the reality of what M.E is exactly and then present it in some form or another (regardless of whether other people are ready to read and accept our truth or not). We should seek to expose the truth of the collective collusion unfolding behind closed doors of the vested interest groups making careers on the back of the nonsense of ‘CFS/M.E’ so that this behaviour does not continue on unabated like a fishing-net waiting to trap more unaware individuals who develop M.E and find themselves subject to overwhelming medical and social scepticism when they really need understanding and care.

Even more challenging given the abuse many with M.E have and are subject too, and the understandable grief and outrage many who are affected with M.E feel as a result, we have to speak our truth in an authentic manner. This means that we should not step into the role of ‘the abuser’ by seeking to actively physically harm individuals like Simon Wessely. For, if we do, we become exactly that which we are saying is not acceptable. Seek a voice and change through a positive manner, NOT by harming ‘others’, in the hope that change can be allowed to unfold for the greater good and at some level, we can assist others. We have to simply work collectively to end the unnecessary suffering unfolding in M.E in a positive and constructive manner, NOT by declaring war. Through forgiveness, we can release ourselves of any intent to harm another whilst equally honouring the anger and outrage many with M.E rightly feel.

Let the likes of Simon Wessely and co continue on with their collective collusion. For, despite all their titles and awards, through their very actions of collective collusion, deceit and denial, they speak volumes about their true characters for all too see. Moreover, they clearly show the world their lowly level of intelligence. That they have not even the intelligence to deduce a simple truth: ‘by harming others we harm only ourselves’. This inherent and fundamental aspect of the universe we live in is now clearly unfolding and inevitably; they will eventually have to answer for that which they have created and allowed to unfold in M.E for egotistical gain. In the meantime, people with M.E create an authentic body of evidence that will eventually be seen as truth.

Only collectively and constructively can we change the world of people who have and develop M.E for the better.

And you may ask: ‘where exactly to begin?’

With yourself of course byway of:

‘Sowing the seeds of love’ i

‘To those who might inquire as to the best way to deal with the world:

‘Awareness, awakening, reclaim your personal power & forgiveness’.

i ‘Sowing the seeds of love’, Tears for Fears, 1989.

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‘…The conventional medical ‘Chronic Fatigue’ banner which is dangerously trivialising the condition as nothing more than ‘feeling tired’ or ‘being fatigued’ is not helping M.E sufferers; on the contrary, it is detrimentally harming, and even in the most severe cases, killing them, because it overlooks the serious neurological implications of the condition.

So, what will those responsible do now? Do you continue to withhold this truth through fear of accepting the responsibility for what has unfolded regarding M.E; is it OK to ‘lie and deny’ whilst complete mayhem ravages M.E sufferers lives; or do we choose to accept truth and thereby make the required changes? How many more honest and harrowing stories have to be related, or M.E sufferers die, for us to completely stop the unnecessary abuse of acutely ill people, and what benefit does this serve anyone?’ djl