‘Oftentimes simply seeing is believing’.

If you’re not interested in reading any material presented here about the reality of M.E but you’ve viewed this website for any reason, please watch this very short clip from the: ‘Voices from the shadows’ film and be awoken to what is really unfolding in M.E, but has been denied for decades.


The complete film was available to watch on You-Tube, but given the threat of such material to the medical establishment here in the UK, I’m not sure if it is now.

Alternatively, it can be purchased from here: www.voicesfromtheshadowsdvd-shop.co.uk

People of all backgrounds, age groups and gender are affected by M.E. The level of suffering is quite beyond anything normally experienced. For all our sakes we have to wake up and say: ‘enough is enough’.

For: ‘What is possible for one is possible for all’.

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