www.lakai.com Created by the legends of street skating Mike Carrol and Rick Howard. Created a classic with the ‘Fully Flared’ film which includes the amazing exploits of the likes of Marc Johnson, Brandon Biebel, Guy Mariano, Mike Carrol, Eric Koston, Mike Mo Capaldi, Cairo Foster and many more. Lakai are a highly rated company with a raging team of riders and well-made/functional footwear.

www.esskateboarding.com Arguably the best skateboarding shoe company since the mid-nineties in terms of quality, design and function. Now sadly defunct (or on indefinite hiatus) allegedly due to economic downturn. A major shock to the company’s many admirers and fans. Get your remaining eS skate shoes now while you still can as stocks are fast disappearing. Accel and Screen all the way I say!

www.consolidatedskateboard.com Established in the early nineties street revolution and became widely popular with almost immediate effect due to fresh and often hilarious graphic direction which still persists today. A main contributor to Consolidated’s style was Todd Bradtrud. Jason Jesse part owned/ran Consolidated if I remember rightly?

www.theberrics.com Great website founded by the legends Eric Koston and Steve Berra, both had a huge impact on street skating over the years and still working in and on behalf of skateboarding in a positive vain. A strong ‘down with the people’ vibe to many of the features on this site. And why not, after-all it’s the ordinary skateboarders’ who pour all their dough into the skate industry and support the pro’s and companies. I daren’t even think about how much dough I’ve blown over the years on skate products!

www.birdhouseskateboards.com Tony Hawk’s long-running company. Established way back in the early 90’s street revolution as ‘Birdhouse Projects’ and became popular with rapid effect. With the likes of Jeremy Klein, Willy Santos, Steve Berra and Ocean Howell on the team it was no surprise. The early films up-to and including ‘The End’ are essential viewing, although 2007 saw Birdhouse back on form with ‘The beginning’ dvd. Opinions about Tony Hawk have been deeply divided over the years. To some he is ‘the best and most renowned skateboarder in history’. To others ‘a robotic geek with only tricks and no style’. In the early 90’s ‘phat pants and phat attitudes’ street revolution he was widely slatted by some short-sighted individuals as an ‘outdated vert dinosaur who’s career was over’. But Hawk proved all wrong by part establishing and maintaining ‘Birdhouse Projects’ alongside ex-pro freestyle skater PerWelinder. In my view, outside of the hagiographic ‘best skateboarder in the world’ label often heaped upon him, Hawk’s longevity, dedication and persistence in skateboarding, and his enormous contribution to vertical ramp riding, surely deserve massive respect.

www.flipskateboards.com Emerging out of the ashes of the great British skateboard company Deathbox, Flip were another new company spawned out of the fires of the early 90’s street skateboarding revolution. With riders like the legend Tom Penny, Rune Glifberg, Geoff Rowley, Bob Burnquist and Lance Mountain on the team, you know Flip stand for quality at every level. Inventors of P2 deck technology which definitely improves board ‘pop’ Flip look set to remain at the forefront of skateboarding.

www.powell-peralta.com One of the longest running skateboard companies out there and one of the most influential. Indeed, arguably created some of the best skateboard graphics and deck designs in the history of skateboarding alongside many great films. Every young kid on a skateboard wanted to ride for Powell during the mid-late 1980’s as part of ‘The Bones Brigade’! Got hit hard in the 90’s street revolution during the ‘vert is bad’ era, but survived in the long-term to profit on the company’s own history; funny how things turn out hey.

www.bonesbrigade.com This largely hagiographic autobiographical film by Stacy Peralta pays tribute to the members of ‘The Bones Brigade’. The general consensus seems to be the film is most excellent and received acclaim upon its release. Nevertheless, much debate ensues about this work; who is it really for? is it a desperate attempt to keep these older skaters alive and relevant? a marketing stunt on the back of skateboarding’s history? a great excuse to promote and sell old-school product? or a genuine and insightful contribution to a pivotal team in the history of skateboarding? You decide!

In my view further inquiry and recollecting into the end of ‘The Bones Brigade’ and what unfolded thereafter is necessary in the film. Moreover, what is most interesting to observe watching the film is: many members of ‘The Bones Brigade’ apparently were ‘outsiders’ in some form or another and didn’t fit-in with conventional sport’s emphasis on teams/coaches/competition etc, and thereby got into skateboarding for its more individualistic, fun/less serious approach. And yet then, collectively (and despite undoubted individual talent) they formed/were part of arguably one of the most famous skateboard teams in history driven by the personal desires of Stacy Peralta, who became their mentor/coach. The basis of their very existence then became skateboard competitions where ‘winning’ and egoistic competing even defined them. Hmmmmmmm. Interesting how unconscious shadow shows up for us all to see hey? Is skateboarding really any different to ‘conventional sports’ in these respects given the presenting evidence here?

Still, a very worthwhile watch to peer deeper into the minds and motivations of some of the biggest names in skateboarding in the 1980’s, with fascinating and identifiable characters with personal experiences that strike a resounding chord for their humanness beyond their ‘skate star’ status.

www.santacruzskateboards.com Long-running and legendary skateboard company. Been the home of many great skateboarders and artists over the years. Creators of many classic skate designs in boards, films and graphics. Created ‘Ever-slick’ in the early 90’s that was revolutionary in its day. Modern SC boards often constructed via ‘Power-ply’ which are light, strong and responsive.

www.elephantbrandskateboards.com Mike Vallely’s skateboard company. Offering a really wide range of decks for all types of skaters which is exactly what we need today. Cool products from  a legendary skateboarder. Here’s hoping this new venture is for the long-term.

www.newdealskateboarding.com One of the most popular and best skateboard companies of the early-mid 1990’s. Revolutionised graphics under the creative genius of Andy Howell. Sorely missed but not forgotten.

www.oldschoolskates.com This was once the best online store to buy a wide range of NOS, vintage skateboards from. The mind boggles at what was for sale here only a decade or so ago and at comparatively peanut prices. Those days are sadly long gone now though. Still a great store with some classic and genuine vintage skate gear for sale. Some of the lesser desirable vintage skateboards on sale still make great daily riders.

www.artofskateboarding.com The online library for skateboarders. Vintage decks gallore! If you’ve forgotten which decks you skated ‘back in the day’ but are looking to find somewhere that could help remind you which ones they were, here’s the place to go. Chances are you might be able to pick them up as well by leaving a ‘want’ post.

www.disposablethebook.com Speaking of collecting and viewing vintage skateboards, here’s Sean Cliver’s website presenting his excellent ‘Disposable’ books. Pages-upon-pages of vintage boards arranged nicely for viewing. Regarded by many as the authority work on skateboard art.

www.skateandannoy.com Renowned amongst many for its ‘ebay watch’ by Neil, this is a site run by skaters for skaters. If you’re into vintage decks, this is essential regular viewing.

www.members.ebay.co.uk Sean Goff’s ebay page. Check-out those sick vintage Brand X and Deathbox boards! Sean’s one of the longest rolling British skateboarders in history acting as the example that you’re never too old to skate. Sean’s ebay store is Toddtwist where you can find a wide selection of quality skate gear for sale, vintage and new alike.

www.elkzine.com Jocko Weyland’s website. The author of ‘The Answer is never: a skateboarder’s history of the world’. RAD book, solid dude.

www.whenwewasrad.co.uk Website dedicated to one of the best UK skate magazines of old called RAD. Burned brightly from the late eighties until the early nineties, and then, like many UK skate mag’s, slowly faded away into oblivion. Believe it was bought-up by Sidewalk magazine late 90’s?

www.vintageskateboardmagazines.com Interesting website dedicated to many skateboard magazines of old. Has a wide selection of published magazines from the 1960’s onwards. Many of the classic titles are here.

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