‘I’ve always believed that the skateboard community is so small and yet the potential for us to do good is so great.

Why can’t we figure it out?’  

Mike Vallely speaking on ‘Stoked: The rise and fall of Gator’ 2002.

A significant majority of those affected by M.E don’t have a voice. Even worse, they’ve been widely misrepresented for decades by many in the very institutions charged with their care.

Therefore, here at the Transition Skateboarding Trilogy in honour of the unheard voices in M.E a place for people to express and relate their experiences of developing and living with M.E is allocated.

If you want to share your experiences without fear of being judged or condemned for doing so, and want to be part of the process of shinning light on the shadows currently prevailing in M.E, then please contact me and I will post your journey here.

In doing so, we contribute to the already overwhelming patient and medical evidence that disproves the ‘all in the mind’ career driven delusions of psychologists.

www.investinme.org/mestory0040.htm I list here the personal testimony of the son of a medic in ‘high places’ in the USA, who, upon developing M.E was himself subject to an over-whelming wall of medical/social scepticism at the hands of alleged ‘medical professionals’. Why are so many western medic’s living in denial/delusion about the physical/neurological reality of M.E even when members of that community are directly affected by the condition?

‘What is possible for one is possible for all’.

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