Book 1 ‘Boyhood and Skateboarding’ begins in the mid 1970’s where a young boy is born in an isolated, seaside town called Mablethorpe in the county of Lincolnshire, England, UK. After a boyhood of exposure to factors that create ‘divine unconscious shadows’ within him, he searches in vain for place, purpose, belonging and meaning in his life in order to positively channel his ‘divine unconscious’ boyhood wounds. Then in 1989, fate places skateboarding right in-front of him. This proves a decided turning point in his day-to-day life as his being at every level is positively transformed. Nevertheless, he cannot escape his ‘divine unconscious shadows’ that privately plague him and persist into his teenage years. As such, he finds the emotive draw of skateboarding impossible to let go of. At the same time, on the superficial surface the world of skateboarding is decidedly dominated by vertical ramp riders and their associated sponsors. Street skateboarders are seen as ‘a joke’ by many ‘industry types’. On the streets the reality is very different however as the swell of momentum towards street skateboarding amongst ‘ordinary’ skateboarders gathers pace and gets set to transform skateboarding at every level. Indeed, through the eyes of our ‘ordinary’ skateboarder we get a firsthand eye-witness account of why street skateboarding is so addictive and popular in the day-to-day lives of many skateboarders and what it truly means to street skate beyond the fantasy laden skateboard magazine and video shoots!

Book 2 ‘Skateboarding Beyond Boyhood and Brotherhood’ continues into the 1990’s as our ‘ordinary’ skateboarder soon finds that boyhood doesn’t last forever and as secondary school ends he has to make choices about his future if he is to positively ‘move on’ in his life and carve a path into adulthood to escape the isolated confines of Lincolnshire. As such, he goes to college in the hope of academic success acting as a springboard into the wider world and carving out a career for himself. But, his ‘divine unconscious shadows’ remain and persistently call for his attention; a reality he is unwilling to concede. Equally, he is still very emotively attached to skateboarding as a way of life and as an escapist activity. Therefore, although initially engaging with all the college asks of him, soon he ‘backtracks in search of brotherhood and skateboarding’ which again turns his world upside down at every level. Also, the world of skateboarding has entered a definitive period of transition and turmoil. Street skateboarders emerge as ‘top dogs with phat attitude’ in the industry and radically change the industry as never before. Vertical ramp riders are cast aside without a care as the street skateboarding revolution decidedly hits home and lays a firm foundation for the long-term credibility of street skateboarding for good. But what comes after the revolution is blind replication of styles as skateboarding sells-out to uniformity and ‘popsicles predominate’ from hereon. In a final bid to wipe the slate clean in his life and ‘get a head-check’ our ordinary skateboarder leaves to University to begin a fresh and step into adulthood once and for all.

Book 3 ‘Embracing Adulthood as a Skateboarder’ sees our ordinary skateboarder escape Lincolnshire for good in the mid-late 1990’s in the form of University. His last chance to turn his life around and shake off the emotive shackles of skateboarding, brotherhood and his ‘divine unconscious shadows’ once and for all. Whilst beginning with admirable intentions, again, he finds that his emotive draw back into the world of skateboarding proves his undoing until physical trauma shakes him out of his ‘daydream head-space’ for good. This event sets him decidedly into at last fully applying his academic talent and a bright future in academia lays right before him as the door of adulthood looms in his path; this time he appears ready and prepared to step right through it. But, his ‘divine unconscious shadows’ proves his complete undoing as patterns persisting from boyhood privately pull him apart literally limb-from-limb as his life at every level crashes down around him in the horrors of the ‘Karmic Bonfires’ of M.E. With little or nothing left to live for our ordinary skateboarder desperately calls forth something meaning-full to cling onto; miraculously the escapist domain of ‘skateboard collecting’ proves his saviour and even pivotal in his resurrection as he fights tooth and nail to make progress in the face of the horror of M.E whilst ‘Transforming [his] Consciousness Through Skateboarding’.

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‘All that matters when writing is the emotional power and impact of what we create as a vehicle to authentically express what it is to be human and as a means to share a larger truth about life itself.’ djl

‘The essential essence of creation is not only having an original idea of what might be possible in the face of the seemingly impossible, but more importantly, transforming an original idea into what is possible in the face of the seemingly impossible; that is true genius.’ djl