The therapies listed here are based on personal experience and reading. They‘re not suggested however as a definitive answer or resolution to M.E. Rather, they are offered as a guide to therapies that may support and assist a process of recovery  after developing M.E and as a complement to ‘conventional’ treatments that patients may already be pursuing to help manage M.E. Even if we can’t fully resolve M.E with immediate effect, we can make improvement which assists in reclaiming a greater degree of independence and well-being.

www.theperrinclinic.com/ The website of an Osteopath who undertook scientific research into the causes/treatment of  M.E. His findings were that M.E is caused by toxins entering into the brain and the nervous system where they shouldn’t be and have no pathway out, thus interfering with their function. Offers Osteopathic treatment  for people who suffer with the condition. The patient feedback/results on his therapy seems to be very mixed and this may well be due to the confusion of  ‘Chronic Fatigue’ with M.E in his categorising. Moreover, removing toxins from the brain is one thing; processing them out of the blood, lymph and excretory organs is the next step, otherwise the body simply parks them somewhere else. Nevertheless, his work created a book that is helpful in explaining the collective factors that often create M.E alongside some advice on better managing the condition which is vital for people who are left stranded without a clear diagnosis or support.

www.kinesiologyfederation.co.uk Kinesiology appears a very simple practice but can have profound affects by clearing accumulated toxins/pathogens unknowingly held in your body/system, whilst finding out exactly which supplements you require and at what levels they should be taken. This is a very important factor for people who develop M.E as many find themselves buying any and every supplement and taking them haphazardly in desperation to get better. This can waste valuable funds and even be detrimental. Kinesiology also acts as a good support therapy in unison to many ‘divine unconscious’ energy modalities whereby processing physically afterwards is required.    

www.upledger.co.uk Upledger Cranial Sacral Therapy can be helpful in M.E as it works directly with the cranium, brain and nervous system to access information held in the unconscious and subconscious to release and correct distortions/trauma unknowingly held in one’s system. The ‘divine unconscious’ and sub-conscious is our filling cabinet that accumulates experiences as we live out our lives. By clearing the filling cabinet, we have stronger energy and less wounds. Kinesiology is highly recommended in conjunction with such work.

www.osteopathy.org Osteopathy is a great therapy for identifying, correcting and releasing previous physical trauma such as head injuries and structural damage often acquired through sports and activities such as skateboarding. Considers the person as a whole and can affect marked improvement in your sense of well-being and being able to see clearly again by correcting old head/facial impacts related to skating! I had these from skating and they were contributing to some of the severe neurological symptoms of M.E.

If you do choose to pursue any of these therapies in hope of improvement for M.E, I wish you the very best and hope your endeavours prove fruitful. In my experience, a combination of ‘complementary’ therapies often work best together. Exactly what works person-person often varies and there is no magical answer or pill to M.E. Nevertheless, it is possible to make progress given the right support and care.

GL to all who step onto the path.


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‘…for anyone who reads these words who’s been personally affected by M.E, or is living through the hellish nightmare of the condition and has been subject to similar experiences of cruelty and denial as listed herein, my open heart and endless compassion and empathy are already sent to you. Some people do care, understand and rally to your cause, so never give up hope of improvement. It is possible under the right care, guidance and support to make positive progress and reclaim many aspects of your life (albeit it won’t be easy…’ djl