‘There’s nothing ordinary about being a skateboarder. If you want to understand what this really means, just read Transition.’

Troy Archer, Element

‘A really great read. I think a lot of people will identify with this work.’

John ‘Shep’ Shephard, Element



Like many young people, I started skateboarding at an early age. I was 13 in 1989 and unexpectedly stumbled across skateboarding. An event created partly by an underlying dissatisfaction I held about partaking in ‘conventional sports’. After stumbling across skateboarding, my life at every level was literally turned upside down and for many years I believed I would be able to wholesale indulge myself in skateboarding forever, at the detriment of everything else in my life. Of course, eventually this proved to be a ‘boyhood skateboarding fantasy’ of grand proportions, as like many skateboarders, I found that ‘nothing in this world lasts forever’.

After ‘boyhood and youth’ despite my lingering desire to keep on skateboarding, I had to face-up to the realities of the ever-looming world of adulthood and the associated demands this placed upon me of ‘standing on my own two feet’ and ‘finding my place in the world’. In keeping with trying to meet those demands, I went to University in the hope of leaving skateboarding behind once and for all and fully stepping into a career as a lecturer. Little could I have imagined how very different my path and process would be, and how skateboarding still had a pivotal role to play in my life and even in keeping me alive in the midst of the horror of developing acute M.E (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis).

And yet, it is said that: ‘within great calamity and cataclysm equally lies tremendous opportunity’ and out of the horrendous ‘karmic bonfires’ of M.E emerged the ‘Transition Skateboarding Trilogy’. A trilogy of books about the history of skateboarding; skateboarding as an activity in the midst of daily life over a 38 year period charting the transition of a skateboarder from boyhood into adulthood; and a process of ‘Transforming Consciousness through Skateboarding’ byway of a divine awakening that unknowingly lay in my path and process as a skateboarder.

The ‘Transition Skateboarding Trilogy’ has real depth and scope. The writing is based in a real journey from boyhood into adulthood as a skateboarder, whilst charting a pivotal historical period in the history of skateboarding that has largely been ignored in literature, until now. That period is the major transition that took place from the 1980’s into the 1990’s from vertical ramp riding to street skateboarding. That period lay the foundation of what the industry and culture has become today. Transition covers topics as broad as sociology, psychology, physiology, ‘energy-in-motion’ (emotion) education, power and authority, brotherhood, work, career, relationships, masculinity, femininity, divinity, M.E, history and much more. This is how the books flowed out and despite being almost an overwhelming amount of text, somehow I managed over a 5 years period to record the writing in an organized and coherent form that acts as a journey for the reader to follow if they so desire. The end product of which is an awakening to all our divine nature; that piece of all of us that eternally exists and resides outside of time, space and form, but which seeks experiences through time, space and form. Only the delusions of our fleeting egos keep us separated from this truth from life-time to life-time. In reading Transition, you have the opportunity to read a work that details the many trails and tribulations so many of us experience day-to-day and ‘awaken’ to a much larger perception of ‘self’.

It is said that: ‘True wisdom is not easily gained only freely shared by the truly enlightened for the benefit of all others’. As such, I created Transition in the hope that instead of walking through blazing ‘karmic bonfires’, other people can simply read a trilogy of books whereby the divine and enduring truth is placed right in-front of them. Of course, what you choose to make of that divine and enduring truth is completely up to you!

If you do choose to read Transition, my humble hope is that you enjoy the work whilst realising something of deeper meaning regarding all our true divine nature along the way. Thank you for your time in viewing this website and reading the material presented herein.

Transition and all the material composing this project is copyrighted. No reproduction in any form is allowed without the permission of the author.

Transition is far from ‘ordinary’; this work is extraordinary. A fascinating journey through skateboarding, daily life and what the author terms ‘the divine unconscious’. Essential reading for all those interested in skateboarding, life’s bigger mysteries & M.E.’