I can just hear the cries of laughter already! Unconditional love! Ha, what a load of bollocks! It’s all namby-pamby-hippy bollocks! HAHAHAHAHA! I hear you! For, I too once believed such mentalities and projected such statements into the world. Until that was, I could not deny any longer.

In truth, unconditional love is not an idea allied to a social/cultural movement. The truth is, unconditional love is an inherent state of beingness eternally held by the divine unconscious aspect of one and all. It is a state of being you just are without need of expression or justification in the material world. And this state remains regardless of what it is you might be doing. Here I’ll share a real example of UCL based in my experience.

In the late 1990’s and early 2000s, as I stumbled along the path of seeking to recover my health, I ended up under the wing of a martial artist in Bristol, UK. He’d trained and achieved high rank/esteem in the world of Kung Fu and under the guidance of his own master, to deal with health problems, had been shown the secrets of the internal martial arts of Taijiquan and associated Qi Gung. He presented as a mountain of man; he was HUGE. Easily 18-20 stone with legs, arms, hands and body as thick and strong as a bull elephant! I mistakenly wondered: ‘how could this man be a serious martial artist; he carries too much weight to move fast or be agile’.

He was jovial beyond believe and nothing seemed to faze him. He was supremely generous, kind and understanding and he gave us the feeling we were akin to children stood before him. His class was tiny in number (only 3-5 students) and he was cautious about allowing me to be part of the class. Only by referral from someone in martial arts he knew, was I allowed in. The cost for the class was only £2 for 2-3 hrs training (even though the hire of the room was more expensive; an expense he paid every week as he seemed to care little about money or personal gain). Each week when students showed up for training first, he listened intently to what had been unfolding in our lives and our complaints, moans and groans! No matter what subjects we spoke on, he was unmoved, never shocked or judgemental. He would wait until we’d finished, then reply with some simple yet extremely profound comment left for us to digest or even scauld us for talking ill of other people. Then our training would be begin.

And to my surprise, he just made us stand still in various postures! He showed us a standing posture and with a chuckle, said; ‘do this in silence until I say stop’. I thought: ‘looks easy; no problem’ and ‘what the heck can this do for anyone?’. Any gripes or complains were met with: ‘if you don’t want to do as I ask the door is there; come freely, go freely!’ Whilst he chuckled away to himself. So, we would do as he asked (which was not easy for me at that time given I had hardly any muscle strength left). After only a short time, most of the class were struggling to hold the posture; arms and legs were shaking, sweat began to pour out of people, breathing rates changed and some simply could not hold the posture any longer. The teacher on the other-hand, he stood in the posture he asked of us, his eyes were completely shut and without a shake anywhere, from the waist he was spinning around like a tornado with sweat pouring out of him and breathing akin to a dragon; no shit! This often went on for 15 minutes to 30 minutes. When this ‘standing still’ period was over he was like a recharged battery and his demeanour changed dramatically.

Now, he was upbeat, somewhat menacing and seemingly super-charged as he instructed us in the internal martial art of Taijiquan, (him knowing the original Yang Luchan martial form). His eyes were alight and pierced deeply into each of us and when he stood in-front of me to correct posture and technique his massive frame and power gave me the shits alright! He would teach us the form and explain its martial application and then we would practice these martial applications together one-on-one under his guidance. Often, he would use students to demonstrate attack/defence techniques we should use if needed. In the martial arena, this huge man the size of a bull elephant was surprisingly fast, balanced and agile, and even very dangerous. He could easily strike you and withdraw before you’d even realised it had happened! And I soon learned, that one strike from him would be more than enough.

Nevertheless, it all looked and sounded too simple and I often wondered, ‘could this really be of use in a fight and maybe this guy’s just fuckin’ crazy and I should get out of here?’ Then one day, he decided to use me as a practice example for explaining fajing/dim mak (explosive energy/death point striking). And so, not using more than an ounce of his power, he struck me with fa-jing without hardly seeming to do very much, as it all happened so fast. The strike pretty much disabled me instantly and I was rather left gasping for breathe pretty much paralysed. Unfazed, he simply quickly rubbed some point on my abdomen and did a fast sweep all over my body with his hands and I was back up and running! Yet now, I was completely convinced of the power in what he was showing us and the danger in what we were doing and its use martially. Indeed, as the weeks and months went by I witnessed just how powerful this benevolent man was and even learned that he ran his own security company for public houses where he used fajing/dimak regularly to disable drunks being violent or tangled up in brawls, thereby minimizing the risk of injury to others!

At the end of each class he would always finish with a chat about matters related to the divine, share with us many insights into the nature of existence and Qi Gung and always remind us to never use what he showed us without very good reason (largely to defend ourselves or family if need be) and above all, ‘to never harm anyone or anything, as who gave you the right to interfere with someone else?’ as he put it. More importantly, to always avoid conflict at any opportunity and stay away from ‘trouble’. He said: ‘go about your business quietly, you don’t need to get involved in some silly nonsense or convince other people; some people just aren’t ready for this stuff yet; why I keep my class small in number’. No matter what unfolded in each class and how dangerous he could be, he always returned to a state of peace, benevolence and humour at the end.

Sadly, and despite my level best efforts, after several years of training my health declined to the point of hospitalisation which was beyond the scope of the people around me to avoid as explained in Transition, and I never practiced under him again. My point here is that he was a walking awakened one manifesting unconditional love. For although he presented in many ways like a walking buddha, he knew how to easily kill someone with his bare hands if he so desired. Although he preached unconditional love through generosity, kindness, staying out of trouble and not interfering with other people in a harmful manner and giving time to people in his martial care, equally he did not deny that violence was a part of current human nature. That if needs be, those being violent would meet with violence if they were unfortunate enough to project onto him.

There’s no separation you see. FULLY divine awakened beings made manifest in form do not deny what is so whilst always holding a state we might call unconditional love. Rather, they embody as best as they can a peaceful path whilst acknowledging the current state of the collective consciousness here on planet earth. And, it’s very clear for all that currently we live and are manifesting a world SATURATED IN VIOLENCE. Just turn on the TV and observe how much violence and conflict dominates the channels from ‘News’ to religion (the punishing god/war in the name of god syndrome), to children’s TV, to films, nature documentaries etc etc. Until we choose otherwise, we will keep on experiencing the same consequences. The beginning in any change of course is accepting full responsibility for OUR CREATION. Divine denial will only allow the same patterns to repeat themselves.

Authentic unconditional love is VERY rare in this world and is not as you may think or have been lead to believe under such terms as ‘hippy’ etc. Many claim to be it for personal profit and gain and yet it is indeed rare. Those who are it, are often difficult to find and ask little or nothing of no-one. It is the manifestation of the highest level of human nature; MANIFESTING OUR ETERNAL DIVINE VIBRATION IN MATERIAL FORM WHILST WALKING IN THE WORLD AS A HUMAN. And that is no easy feat!

Where to begin? With yourself of course.

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Mike: ‘It’s a lonely road I walk, this path as an awakened one you know Dave. If it wasn’t for my wife and kids I don’t think I would stay here on this earthly plain; there’s too much suffering, greed and conflict going on; it’s rough down here.

Dave: ‘Well why not do something else then and just stop being awakened; go back to sleep like most other people and do whatever you want instead’?

Mike: ‘An awakened one is just something you are Dave; a state of beingness of divine consciousness in material form as a human being; it’s not something I can just stop. Once awakened there’s no going back; the reason why so many people do not pursue the path of divine awakening or manifesting divine unconditional love.

It’s much easier to pretend to be and do something else instead. And yet I have no choice; I have to do what I’m here to do; assist a few others walking this path’…….

Djl 2018